So, this week in the Anduwin Chronicles…

Granuelle, Ebeneezer and Brant make their way to the palace in Vespard, where they are welcomed on learning of her new title and pierage. A stout dwarf bigs them welcome, and says it is an honour to have her in Mountainsfoot. They are lead through various corridors and through doors. Brant spots a pulsing dark shadow of magic that seems to be a magical scar off from his time saving the city. The dwarf declares he is busy and there is much to be done, as evidenced by the sheer amount of paper he is holding. He states that holding his amount of paper not only suggests business, but implies status and purpose. Granuelle hands him a booklet of fighting rules to a tournament she entered some months ago, and the dwarf is keen to recycle this parchment.

The group are lead further inside, and they see an older elven gentleman discussing with another individual. Granuelle makes out whispers from across the room. The elf tells the group his brother has warned of the party’s rugged appearance. He introduces himself as Brodrick Ferard, and that his brother, Jameson will be making his way back to Vespard soon. He confirms that Granuelle is the lady to be given her title and lands.

Bodrick tells the group that the lady Amelie, previously missing, has been located and is on her way to Vespard. He hopes to relinquish his power once his brother or lady Amelie arrive. Bodrick states there is news the Amelie is traveling with a child. He advises Granuelle to visit the bank, to collect her wealth, and to attend to her new residence.

Doors at the end of the chamber wing open and in walk two figures. A tall, white haired, green eyed older human walks in, covered in a robe and hefty armour, joined by a scholarly type carrying books and scrolls and adorned in a dark purple robe. The first is introduced as Karl, and is a solider of healing ability’s and that he may be able to assist in bringing Amelie second is Professor Lexter, ho has sufficient knowledge of firearms and has been studying for sometime.

Pleasentries are exchanged, and Granuelle asks to view the gun Lexter has designed. A small “mini gun” still plugged in is brought out, as Lexter shimmy very close to Granuelle. She lifts this, and begins to pull the trigger, as she has learnt from Greyborn weapons. However, Karl is able to knock the weapon out of Granuelle’s hands, and stop the weapon firing indoors. Lexter feels this would be dangerous. Bodrick offers the assistance of Karl to the lady Granuelle, on the orders of Amilie. She is advised that if additional hands are needed, she can be put in touch with several suitable mercenaries. The group sets off to the bank, and Bodrick clasps Karl’s shoulder and tell him, he is ready and worth it. Granuelle takes out her steed, Julio from his void urn, and the dark horse stares into the eyes of Bodrick. The elf is petrified by the effect of looking into the horses eyes. Brant asks Ebeneezer for aid, and the alchemist is unsure what has happened. Guards are summoned and loudly scream of the effects of demons. Ebeneezer instructs the loud guard to act as though this is a library, and hushes the screaming. Ebeneezer asks Brant what he thinks he could do to assist the petrified elf, but without sufficient answer, Ebeneezer sends the guard to collect a wizard who will be better equipped to dispel the effect.

Meanwhile, Granuelle rides Julio away, and Karl summons his own mount, an Ox which shimmers slightly. He tells th ox to follow the half orc, and the pair set off. The guard comes back shortly with professor Lexter, because I’m his purple robes he “looks like a magic type”. Lexter hands Ebeneezer a huge jar containing a thick yellow goo. Ebeneezer recognises this goo as melted skin. Lexter dips his hands in it and then declares the skin focuses his magic. Small sparks jut from Lexter to Bodrick and the elf begins to stir from his petrifaction. Ebeneezer is offered a sample of the skin goo, and so fills a vial. Brant and Ebeneezer then leave the chamber, and spot Granuelle in the near distance being followed by an ox riden by Karl.

The group of four, and their two months arrive to an area of Vespard which is known for its commerce and economy. Well to do citizens are milking around in various degrees of finery. The Half Orc and her group enter the bank known as The Royal Bank of Oskiliath. Granuelle introduces herself as Lady Mountainsfoot and the branch manager is called upon to check the proof of her claim. She holds out her signet ring and the bank manager is taken aback, as he was not expecting someone of her “colour” to hold the title. She easily puts him in her place, by telling him that in the war, it doesn’t matter race a person is, as long as you fought. He apologises, and then leads Granuelle and the group to her vault which is empty, and tells her that her account currently contains 1900 platinum pieces. She is also given keys to her manor, Dreselden Manor. There are currently no outgoings from her account, but there is an annual income of 1500 platinum pieces.

Immediately afterwards, Brant goes to his own bank, and makes some deposits into his own account, to save in the Bukka Bank system, before the group sets off towards Deselden Manor. Karl’s ox is making mayhem in the commerce district, before being called back by Karl, to stop it from eating flowers for sale. Brant leads the way through the Upper Rise towards Dreselden Manor. On the way, Brant passes a building fallen into ruin, which used to be an office of the Snade – the taxman. Rounding the corner, the group do make their way to Dreselden Manor.

On arrival, a yurt is seen set up in the garden with two individuals milling around. One is a human who has short dirty blonde military hair, a shield on his back and a long thin sword on his side. The other appear to be of elven decent, with strapped leather armour, a a short traveling cloak. Before further action, a manservant emerges from the house, and introduces himself as Mordekai, before prostrating himself before his lady. She requests a bath, and to receive the yurt dwellers in her office within the hour. She is shown around the Manor and a bath is drawn.

Karl learns there is a dark weed that seems to regrow over night, having been cut down the day before, and the yurt pair had a look at the plant without much success. Karl heads over to the pair. The armoured one introduces himself as Abraxos and he tells Karl is a solider for hire. The other is Patrick, and works as an archeologist. Patrick is a it irratic and offers the group tea, before asking the alchemist, Ebeneezer to brew it. Patrick and Abraxos converse in a unique language which Karl appears to understand. Patrick says he and his traveling companion were en route to Bukka, but their travel was interrupted by the rest of the group introduce themselves to the new pair. They inspect the plant and Brant and Ebeneezer realise this is plant is actually a manefestation of corruption. They have tea and discuss various superficial matters whilst waiting for the lady of the house to complete her bath. Professor Lexter enters the grounds and says he aims to speak with the lady of the Manor.

After a short time, the lady calls her visitors in to her office. Granuelle interviews the new comers and tries to ascertain what they could offer to her team. We speak about the corruption, and learn it is called Wither. Learning of corruption, Farandril swears to route it out and cleanse the Manor grounds. Plans for the Manor grounds are obtained and Pattick shares that there is a dwarven script telling of a stone which is impossible to move, so the original builders decided to place a fountain over it. Patrick and Abraxos continue to speak in an unknown language. Ebeneezer and Brant both cast comprehend languages, and learn the speech is celestial, but still can’t gleam meaning from their words. We agree to investigate the corruption and all leave the half orcs chamber, except Karl and Granuelle. He warns that he understands the language used by Patrick and Abraxos, but suspects its a code of some sort.

The group meets at the fountain and inspect it. Whilst waiting for the investigation, Granuelle activates her investiture of stone and earth glides down through the stone. On the surface, Karl and his ox are able to shift the fountain and break it to throw it off the slab. Patrick gathers his shovel and mining pick, but at the same time, Granuelle on the inside sees an arcane rune. She manages to activat it, and one a seemless hatch on the slab. We each decend and realise this was once a tomb or mosseleum of some sort, and Karl spots that there have been some coffins which have been opened, and before we can react, we hear the shuffling of cold slow feet, before a swath of undead begin to walk towards up from the chamber into the corridor we are in.

Karl manages to control one of the undead and turn it against another skeleton. Brant parkours through the group and then makes a rapier strike against one. Brant is filled with rage and hatred when he stabs he skeleton. Lexter puts his gun away and takes out his wand, releasing a small golden butterfly of calm, before the butterfly lands on a skeletons shoulder and explodes. Terrified by the skelet9ns, and remembering a past experience, Patrick unleashes a sickening radiance on them. Thanks to Karl’s paladin aura, the group all succeed in resisting the radiance, but all the remaining skeletons are vanquished. In the skirmish, we almost miss the sounds of more bone on stone scrambling towards us all.

And that’s where we left off.