So this week in the Anduwin Chronicles……

The dragon reveals his claw, and we see a huge scorpion with huge hind legs, and a snapping claw on the back. The scorpion appears to be made of storm, and cackles with elemental energy. The creature rushes the party and thrashes its pincers. It grabs at Farandril and Sivaras in its claws. The claw on its back then spikes down into 428. Poison pulses goliaths body but he is able to shake it off, but the stinger still strikes an old wound on 428’s neck for critical damage. Sivaras tries to stab the scorpion with her dagger, still fearing the risks of magic after the elemental exposure. She connects, but isn’t able to pierce the scorpions carapace. She backs away and the creature lashes out at her, but it’s pincers snap shut just before her face. 428 begins to rage after being hurt so badly, and drinks the potion Ebeneezer gave him earlier in he day. The Goliath swings and fails to damage the creature before he misses, and the axe is thrown behind him.

Meanwhile Viscaronn swirls his claws and a shadowy duplicate of Brant is conjured and approaches the original bard. Granuelle conjures her pet jackal to assist her in the fight. He swings her hammer and cries “crank it bitch” to command additional lightning damage. The jackal commands the battlefield and and leaps into the scorpion knocking the giant being prone, and striking it critically, before the magic that summoned the jackal fades. The shadowy Brant approaches his doppelgänger and whispers that Croxium’s death was Brant’s fault and the party has no faith in him. Brant ignores this and goes to the aid of his friends, rushing to the scorpion and slicing with his rapier but missing, and he casts a healing spell at 428.

The dragon again twirls his claws as a shadowy female half orc resembling Granuelle walks towards her. The figure says to her, “I blame you”. Ebeneezer continues to try to back-pedal and get as far as he can away from Viscaronn. He looks over the edge and see the island mirrored in the shimmering water, including a reflection of the lighthouse that was destroyed. The island appears to have two forms, and this is the not the island that Ebeneezer and 428 initially walked on.

Farandril surveys the battlefield and reviews the wounded party members. He takes hold of his holy symbol and summons spirit guardians to help protect him and the the party. Th spiritual guardians strike at the scorpion somewhat. Immediately two shadowy figures appear behind Farandril and manage to resist the majority of the effects of his spiritual support. He does not recognise the figures, but the man and woman turn and look at him and say “we were happy to give you up”.

Sivaras thrusts her staff into the ground, and tries to enspell the scorpion, but it resists her magic and then stands. It flexes it’s stinger and stretches this slightly. It instinctively goes to clip 428 and Granuelle with its pincers But its strikes miss both party members. In his hasted form, the Goliath takes advantage of flanking and harrying of Granuelle and Brant on the creature. He swings his greatmaul, having had his axe thrown from him. He connects his first attack, and nearly misses his second, but Farandril reaches out and a light touches the maul, guiding it to the creature and encouraging it to strike. Missing his axe, 428 leaves melee and picks up his favored weapon before charging back to the scorpion.

Brant is bothered by the shadowy version of himself. The shadow whispers that too many people died because of his bad judgment. The ghostly version of Granuelle’s mother tries to distract her, but the half orc ignores her and tells herself that she has already had this conversation with her mum. Brant calls back to his shadow that he has saved people as well as lost them in this war, before trying to stab the scorpion. He holds and waits to strike the being when it shimmers and its form looses its corporeal nature, but it being ethereal, Brant misses, but tells Sivaras not to feel so blue as he casts a healing word over her. Ebeneezer remains frozen in terror of the draconic giant of Viscaronn .

The elf, Farandril conjures his spiritual weapon. An owl hammer for his Anduwin god, as it appears it swings at the scorpion, but it misses, whilst his spiritual guardians continue to protect him, and attack our foes. The scorpion lashes it’s pincers out at Granuelle and 428 again in frustration but misses. Sivaras twirls her staff and casts a toll the dead against it, but the creature resists the necromatic bell. 428 charges his storm axe and swings at the creature, and again, Farandril calls out a divine guiding light to make sure the attack hits. The spiritual version of Granuelle’s mother tells her it is Granuelle’s fault she died. The fighter resists the taunts and tells her mother it isn’t her fault. The shadow burns and disappears, and at the same time, the scorpion looses a leg, and she strikes the entity again.

As Granuelle’s shadow fades, a figure manifests behind 428. He recognises this as a shadow of the Greyborn general Stahl, who tells 428 he will always be his slave. Brant now tries to speak down his own shadow, and tells it that he has said and done far worse to himself than the shadow ever could, but the shadow rears closer and intimidates him, before Brant casts a viscous mockery saying “you’re a fucking shadow” as he drives a light torch into the shadow. The spell takes hold and Brant is able to shake off the taunting advances of the shadow. It burns and disappears before the scorpion looses yet another leg.

Another shadow appears behind Sivaras, and tells her that the queen has given up on her. At the same time, Farandril casts a guiding bolt on the scorpion and divine light shimmers around the scorpion and the spiritual hammer swings again, drawn into an existing stormy wound by the divine light. The elf’s parents, the shadowy couple continue holding hands, and judge him, repeating they were glad to give him up. He tells them thank you, and that he is now a cleric of the templars, and tries to shake off the malice of his own demons. The shadows don’t burn this time, but whither away into nothing as the scorpion looses another limb. Taking the damage the scorpion rights itself, and lunges its clipper out at Brant, and hits, before making another attempt at Granuelle and smashing its stinger into 428. The raging lightning of 428 sparks outwards and interrupts the stormy stinger preventing any damage.

Another shadowy figure materializes before Ebeneezer and claims to be the better half. This is a shadowy version of Eddie. Sivaras responds to her shadow by casting mirror image and telling the shadow of the yuan-ti Sheeva, that the Queen cannot give up on her, as here are too many of her fighting at home, and here, referring to the Order of Dawnika. The shadow advances menacingly.

428 turns around to the shadow of Stahl and orders him to leave and that he has not power over 428 anymore, but Stahl resists this and laughs at 428, as his own rage ends, and his lightning sparks out. Lady Granuelle steps between the scorpion and 428, and manages to get beneath it and casts thunderwave from underneath. It is too large to be pushes upwards, but does take damage. She draws on her adrenaline and surges another spell as her action, whilst staying protected under the beast.

Brant turns away from the fight, and attempts to talk with the imposing and colossal figure of Viscaronn . He says that Viscaronn is using this beast that plays on the party’s fears but that we still carry on, even afraid. The dragon is unmoved by Brant’s words. Seeing his actions, Farandril is inspired by the bard.

Ebeneezer stands tall before Eddie, and tells him that both he and Eddie know that they are both the better half, before turning away. As he turns, the shadow dissipates, and the scorpion looses the forth of its legs with just two legs left. The beast is unable to hold its own weight. As the shadow fades, Ebeneezer says “sorry about that, just business”, and begins to makes his way towards the dragon. The scorpion falls onto Granuelle but she instinctively casts her shield spell to save herself, as she rolls out from underneath.

Farandril calls his spiritual guardians towards him, and casts a beacon of hope, as their spiritual owl feathers explode outwards over the party. As Granuelle rolls from the creator, it swings at her, and strikes for the first time. For its second pincer strike it misses, and then hurls its stinger, but in its weakened form, it cannot attack effectively. Sivaras draws water out of the air and the storm, and tells Sheeva that she has forgotten the water, and the ocean will take her, and swirls water around herself ready for a strike.

Stahl harrasses 428, but the Goliath tells him he has become better that he was and better than the Greyborn. The exchange doesn’t have quite the effect he is hoping for, but he keeps up, and tells Stahl he is not a slave, and he chooses to follow and chooses to stand against him. 428’s words trigger the shadow of Stahl to fade away, as the scorpion looses its fifth leg. The half orc begins to scale the creature and begins to bash her warhammer into its ethereal head. It falls to the ground and flairs struggling on the floor.

Meanwhile, Brant continues to try to appeal to Viscioron, by saying that Viscioron’s children are starting a war and the he could help. He remembers Viscaronn as a just and peaceful ruler, but his father and seeming his son are war-like. Ebeneezer walks towards Viscaronn , and throws a bomb into the air as a flare to get the dragons attention. He joins Brant asking about the dragons fears, and asks what Viscaronn ’s shadow has to say. Farandril commands his spiritual weapon to strike the scorpion again, and the stormy creature begins to dissipate. He walks towards 428 and casts a healing spell through a friendly fist bump. Sivaras covers her shadow in water, freezes it and hen lays a hand on its shoulder before saying that the shadow turned her back on the waves, and casts destroy water, which banishes the shadow.

At the same time as the scorpion and the last shadow disappear, Viscaronn leans forward, and says he needed to be sure we could concur our fears, as the party has a task ahead of us. Brant starts to talk about his most recent conversation with the sultan, in reference to the seer or the emperor needing to ascend to achieve their full power. Ebeneezer asks the dragon what he has for him. The alchemist sees himself in a hazy vision, and finds a flower in his pocket. His vision returns to normal and Ebeneezer feels a selection of seeds in his pocket.

Viscaronn tells the party he is bound to this Demiplane by a small musical instrument. The flute of the Anduwin. As long as this remains on the material plane, he cannot. Viscaronn looks at each party member in turn, and we all hear his voice whispered into our minds,

  • He tells 428 he can choose another path if he wants.
  • He tells Granuelle to take her pet to the pendulum.
  • He shows Farandril a vision, where he is looking down at a room, and cannot move. Inside the room there is a gaunt looking man, wearing a turban, missing an eye. This man stands before a throne. A tall Greyborn like person covered in runes walks in and confronts the person staring at the throne. He tells him he is a fool for unleashing something. The man says his master whispers to him, and he will follow him always. This man is referred to as Unseul, and replies to the Greyborn as Viscaronn . He is urged to “hide them”. The vision flashes to Viscaronn going down stone steps and into a hidden passage, to a lectern with a satchel. He places a small wooden cup on the floor and walks away. The vision flashes again, and he is now on the island, and Viscaronn places a long wooden wand in a box, the vision fades and Viscaronn tells Farandril that the wand is sentient and it has its own agenda.
  • He tells Brant that he knows what he did for his children, and Brant learns a divine spell, to guide him and his friends to their destiny.
  • He tells Sivaras it is rare to meet someone else who knows the truth. He shows her a vision of a temple in the sky, as a still image, before it fades.

Granuelle asks what we should do next, and Viscaronn tells the party he will allow them to leave his realm and there is one item they do not know of to help in their task to bring down Viscioron’s youngest son. We are warned we cannot break the charm which protects him, and this cannot be broken. We are told to bring his eldest son to this island in reality. The isle of Dernscar. There we should bring the Seer and the flute of the Anduwin to enable his ascension. Brant recalls this island to be on the northern coast of Maurdórne.

Farandril asks Viscaronn how he can be trusted as some of the information the dragon shared is at odds with what Farandril believes. Viscaronn tells Farandril that ascension is an act that a grey drake can undergo to achieve their full power. He shared that the Anduwin Marr once rode and enslaved the greydrakes. His lover, Y’Shaj persuaded Marr to allow the drakes to be freed of their bonds after a time. She created a wand to allow these bonds to be broken. Farandril thinks on his vision of the wand gaining sentience.

Ebeneezer, feeling frustrated at not being able to leave this place, goes to lay on the beech. Viscaronn asks Brant if he has the bards word he will being the oldest son, the Seer, to this place. Viscaronn tells Brant he can see everything from his prison in this island. He hopes that his intentions, the ascension, will be the Seers intentions. He warns of a greater war coming. He warns of a greater darkness dwelling, that will need to be stopped, and only a unified world can meet this threat. He tells it is the purpose of the greydrakes to ensure this threat never releases onto the world.

Viscaronn tells us to bring his son, and to tell him he can offer to restore the Seers purpose. Brant asks if Viscaronn is trapped inside the flute of Anduwin, and he confirms that he is indeed trapped, and so bound to the flute. The dragon opens the portal and we depart his demiplane. As well all leave he shimmering portal slowly dissipates.

Brant asks Farandril to not report back on what happened in the island. Farandril tells his rank and that he is bound to tell the truth. We make our way back to the tunnels and Sivaras tells Farandril that he task was to ensure the safety of civilians and close the portal. Both of which are done, so that commander Bronx does not need to know anything more. Brant tells Farandril that in following the Anduwin of wisdom, he should know what is the wisest course of action. The group debate for a while, and Farandril says he would need to respect military rank and give information if asked, but for the time being he will not tell his leaders. Midway through his sentence, Farandril’s mind fogs and he cannot recall much detail of what happened on the island. He group all spot Sivaras hissing her spell in the corner of the chamber. In a panic, the elf demands to know what Sivaras has done. She states he cannot lie to his superiors if he cannot remember.

And that’s where we left off…