So this week on the anduwin chronicles…

The group, having just vanquished the elemental fiend, denote that it appeared to have culminated from the chaos of the magical flux about the place due to the Greyborn’s use of their new weapon.

Ebeneezer & Granuaile clash over the flute left on Journeé’s corpse, after a small scuffle, and Ebeneezer visibly struggling to hold onto the flute, he gives in and Granuaile takes it. The group then take cover in the ruins of the mages guild tower, the building which earlier in the fight, three warped wizards had emerged from.

Ebeneezer and 428 see a trail of blood leading from a smashed up stairwell leading down to what they presume to be this buildings vault – or “panic room”, the blood stems from the entrance to this vault to close by the front door where they stand. It is here that they spot another similarly dressed wizard slumped up against the wall, with many stab wounds. Ebeneezer quickly realizes that this man is still alive, and feeds him a healing potion having brushed off Farandril’s offer of using his magic to heal him.

Farandril asks the wizard if he is okay, but the wizard is in a state of shock, and struggles to maintain consciousness, but tells the group to ‘save the others’, gesturing to the vault entrance across the room.

Meanwhile, Sivaras casts gentle repose on the charred remains of  Journeé, having fallen during the battle and then heads into the smashed library within the mages guild in search for anything of use that can be salvaged. Granuaile searches the corpses of the crazed wizards but finds little of interest.

Brant and 428 are the first to descend into the vault, to find the remains of approximately 12 people, all slaughtered horrifically, in cold blood. Brant finds this too much, and in his despair he leaves the room, and sits quietly on the stairwell to the vault. 428 respectfully cleans up the bodies, moving them into an adjacent store, before the rest of the party bar Granuaile enter the vault to seek cover from the intense magical exposure in the environment above.

The wizard healed by the group reveals himself to be Archmage Patricé, and explains that three of his associate wizards went out into the storm shortly after the strike to assess the situation, but the sheer exposure had twisted them and driven them mad. In the short period of time, they went from being the people they were to blood crazed murders, killing everyone in the vault, and leaving Patricé for dead.

Farandril attempts to cheer up Patricé after he announces that their blood was on his hands whilst Ebeneezer, still in his twisted form of ‘Eddy’ searches the sleeping quarters, and finds two chests that appear not to have been rifled through. He notes that one of chests is locked with a seemingly casual padlock, but sees through it. He knocks the hinge pins out of the back of each chest, and finds a stack of papers surrounding the magical barrier in the city. Further to this, he finds a strange bag small of marble like spheres and pockets them. The chests looted where labeled Maurice and Patricé respectively.

Farandril leads a discussion in the group of next steps, and it is agreed that they should leave soon, and return to the main vault with the arch mage, he attempts to gather up the party members, prompting him to enter into a talk with Brant and Granuaile about how the war is testing their resolve, and Brant in particular laments the fact that the 12 souls lost in the vault was too much to bear on his spirit, seeing as they were innocents.

During the conversation, Granuaile suddenly gets the feeling that she is being watched, and shortly afterwards, a distort in reality occurs just outside of the building. they can see the reality of the center square fountain begin to bend unnaturally, before there is a burst of energy, and a pale skinned, white haired figure emerges from the spark.

The figure emerges clutching the Chalice, an ancient artifact won from Croxium the Earth breaker. Brant & Granuaile recognize this to be the Sultan, and as he approaches, he looks on at the chalice with a childlike grin, exclaiming that ‘it can do some incredible things.’… At this point, most of the party come up from the vault to meet with the Sultan. He acknowledges the group, noting that there were a lot of new faces and missing people.

The Sultan asks Farandril to respect his position in the coming conflict of the world, and asks him to turn a blind eye and vouch for the group in the case of the Templars currently wanting the group for treason. Farandril respectfully accepts this position.

The Sultan then goes on to update the group with several key pieces of news:

  • The armies of Naramia led personally by Hugotaire Stratholme have successfully breached the Maurdornie naval blockage and landed in Maurdorne, some have said this has prompted the Orion’s sudden movement back homeward from Bukka Mortaine.
  • The Ice Stone having been further studied by the Sultan, is revealed not to be one of the 6 items the group originally sought. Noting that it was indeed powerful, but its crafting was not deliberate.
  • The Emperor now has the Sword of Marr and used it against the Sultan, wounding him gravely. he explains that he will not survive another conflict with the emperor in his current state.

The group, in turn each ask questions to the Sultan, and update him on their situation, stating that the now two unknown items of the Anduwin are far out of reach, and that they believe the Lantern to be in Bukka Mortaine, on the Isle of Ice.

The Sultan explains that the Emperors grip on the Maurdórnie people is stronger than ever, and that they needed to find a way to break the ten clans up, and inject a civil war into Maurdórne to weaken them. This prompts Brant to step forth, and explain to the Sultan, that he knows something of importance regarding this matter.

He goes on to explain that around 35 years ago, he met a mysterious person known as the Seer for the first time. He was held in a prison called the watchers tower, which was widely thought to be out of use. He had gone there to find out more about the Sundering, and event surrounded by mystery that resulted in a cataclysmic event that killed millions of greyborn around 350 years ago.

There, the Seer projected Brant and his companion Croxium’s consciousness back in time to the closing days of the first Maurdórnie war. He ‘became one’ with a solider tasked with infiltrating Maurdórne and capturing the current ruler, Viscaronn II’s two children, Venarínn and V’saries.

They were successful in their mission, but unbeknownst to them, the children were used to bait out Viscaronn, and an incredibly powerful artifact, the Flute of the Whispering Winds, had been smuggled to the land and was used upon Viscaronn's arrival to the battle to cause a devastating explosion, killing him instantly, ripping apart the land, wiping out the ancient site known as 'The Well'. The shockwave of destruction was fast approaching as Brant witnessed three great cities in valley combust into dust and ash within seconds.

With little time, and feeling utterly betrayed, both Brant and Croxium agreed that the heritage of Maurdórne must be saved, as they turned against their platoon, and attempted to free the now young Emperor of Maurdórne, and his brother, V'saries from the impending doom. Croxium fell defending them from the platoon, and the land started to tear itself asunder, V'saries was split from the group as the land split and left a chasm between them. Venarinn screamed out for his little brother, and watched him die in the flame, before Brant dragged him to the cliff edge, before using a teleporting rock received earlier which threw them several miles out to sea.

The two used debree from a ship to make a makeshift raft, and watched in horror as the lands of Maurdórne tore themselves asunder. They witnessed the great city of Rankratz lift from the ground before turning on itself and sinking into the ground, as the ocean began to collapse into the ravine created, they just managed to get away, as Brant then slowly succumbed to his wounds, he told Venarínn to 'live'.

Upon awaking, after experiencing death, Brant looked deeply into the Seers eyes, and although there was no acknowledgement, his knew in his heart, that he stood before Venarínn. Over the next 30 years, he worked with Venarínn in attempting to capture Maurdórne from the Emperor, but never spoke of what he had seen. The Sultan, and the group listening in, were shocked to hear that Brant had witnessed this act, and the Sultan said that no magic exists that could do what the Seer had done to Brant.

Brant then went on to explain that after they defeated the corrupted Croxium a day or so ago, that Croxium had become himself again just before death, and revealed to him in his dying words, that the Emperor, was V’saries.

These revelations send the Sultan into a state of shock, as he angers himself for not seeing it earlier. The protective spell keeping the Emperor semi immortal, was due to him being a Grey Drake – a heredity effect that is passed down the bloodline of Grey Drakes. He also notes his concern that there has never been two male grey drake children before, and that there can only be One Great Drake, at one time. Neither of the children, both V’Saries nor Venarinn, will be able to prove their bloodline until they can take the form of a drake, something that only happens during the Ascension of the previous Drake. Seeing as Viscaronn II was destroyed before he had the chance to ascend, both heirs cannot take on their true form.

The group is left with the decision of what to do next, as the Sultan suggests that having the Seer being the true and legitimate heir of the Empire of Maurdórne, it would be the perfect thing to break the emperors grip on Maurdórne. At this point, Brant points out that he believes that neither brother is aware of the other, making it very risky, if the two were to align, the results would be devastating.

428 asks the Sultan what the One Drake is, and the Sultan responds saying, it could be either of the children, at this point. 428 is angry with Brant for not telling him that he knew that the Grey Drakes lived earlier, having consulting him about them earlier that week.

Farandril leads the group back to the first vault, where they are debriefed by Supreme Commander Bronx, it is decided that they should attempt to move out in the morning, as the place is getting far too dangerous.

And that’s all for this week! –  how will the group respond to the news of Brant’s deceit? find out next time…