So this week on the Anduwin Chronicles…

An individual adorned in religious symbols moved around the vault, offering reassurance to women and children. He is a pale skinned elf with silver hair, wearing chain mail, and armed with a warhammer and shield on his back, and a mace clipped to his side. His tabbard is that of the Templars, and depicts the symbol of Y’shaj. Most of the party is able to recognize these symbols as belonging to the Templar Order. He introduces himself as Farandril and offers his healing services to the party, if anyone is injured. Some party members are skittish around the elf after their last encounter with the Templar’s. Farandril casts light on a stone and places this in the center of the room. Once the light reaches the corners, we notice a second Templar within the room. His individual discards a cracked helmet, before joining Farandril.

The templars discuss that they are looking for able bodied fighters. Farandril refers to the the other man as Supreme Commander Bronx. Elf shares he does not know the parties skills currently, but suspect they look to be more armored than most civilians.

428 moves towards the vault doorway, and sits, curling his legs up to his chest, feeling uncomfortable being in an enclosed space. The tremors and scraping sounds end, and Brant begins a calming song of rest for all in the vault who can hear. Farandril waves a “thanks” in recognition of Brant’s efforts in healing. Seeing this, and realizing some of the groups skills, the elf comes across and begins to speak to Lady Granuelle, asking if the group can join a party to help protect civilians and fight above ground. She replies that she is willing to help out, and check things out. Farandril then approaches Ebeneezer and asks if he has any skills to offer a group going out of the vault. Granuelle suggests 428 may be able to help, and Sivaras begins to cast a ritual to find her familiar, she is engrossed in this when Farandril approaches her. Ebeneezer agrees to take a potion of healing from Farandril and begins making adjustments, in exchange for some ingredients and reagents. After this the elf moves towards the door to speak with 428, making the same offer to him- Looking for a party to go above ground.

Farandril makes an announcement to the whole chamber, stating that he plans to take a scouting party to the top, and is looking for volunteers, and plans to leave in an hour. Granuelle begins to check over her gear with her smithing tools, and 438 approaches Brant with a pile of papers (given to him on the Orion). He is looking for Tracy, Seferous and Kellan among the papers to see if they had survived the Majorai. Brant casts comprehend languages on the papers to be better able to read them, and spends the next hour reading what he can, discovering movement documents, detailing where people were moved from and too. He suspects it is a slave manifest, and realizes this goes back approximately five years. In the papers is also documents relating to the Orion. It is maps and schematics of the vessel. Brant finds record of a Tracy who was enslaved and transferred from BeJórne area to boalbangor, and tells 428 of his discovery. The bard realizes this is a work camp for slaves where they are worked to death. Brant gentle explains this to 428, as he can see the Goliath cares for the child. Goliath is keen to help Tracy get out of this place. Brant offers 428 comfort with this news. After an odd exchange, Brant says that breaking a nail is the worst pain imaginable. To test this, 428 pulls one from his fingernail bed, and states that being shot is worse. Meanwhile, Ebeneezer continues to brew and augment a potion, and Sivaras continues her ritual. Lady Granuelle begins to try to understand how she could imbue magic into her augments, to strengthen her weapons or Armour. Farandril continues to support the civilians and then waits for the group. Ebeneezer hands back the augmented potion to Farandril, and gifts a potion of guidance to Sivaras.

We introduce ourselves to Farandril and begin to make our way outside, with Granuelle adding strength to the mechanism to open it. We see the metal corroded and damaged, and a way of heat comes over us. Some of the metal appears to still have an emberous glow to it. There is moisture in the air, and water and humidity. We make our way up the stairs. It is terribly hot, and the railings are boiling to the touch. Brant pulls on his magical gloves. Feeling the heat, and seeing 428 in foot wraps, Farandril casts Aid over himself, Granuelle and 428.

We all begin to feel a sense of chaos within our innate magical abilities, and that magic appears to be blooming here. We feel whatever connection we have with magic is loose and it may go wrong when we cast spells. Continuing upwards we reach the vault entrance. The hatch has been destroyed and we see a thick orange dust cloud swirling outside. The building the staircase once stood in has been completely flattened, and looking around most other buildings have also been destroyed, flattened and broken. Our vision is impeded by the dust clouds. Above us, the cloud is dark orange and black with the occasional crackle of energy. The moisture condenses onto us, and checking our arms, we see the red dust and the moisture is blood. Speckles of blood touching us. Ebeneezer takes a kerchief out and covers his mouth from the dust. Shortly after the rest of the party begins to cover their mouths with cloth. Brant explains to the party that casting elemental magic here may be more powerful, but equally more dangerous, he cautions us on our use of elemental spells.

Farandril suggests we use our time on the surface to check the other vaults for survivors. He directs us from our location to the next closest vault. There is a vault of the aristocracy to the south, military personal to the west, civilians to the north and mages to the east. We agree to head east to the mages, in the hope of reactivating the city’s shield. Sivaras sends her familiar, in the form of a bat, to scout ahead, whilst she looks through its eyes, and balances on Ebeneezer.

We hear a crackle of energy pick up in the sky, as three bolts of lightning strike down at the party. Brant, Ebeneezer, 428 and Sivaras are struck, and the elemental chaos here amplifies the lightning. Seeing the storm twisting above, we run for cover as a torrent of wind spins into a funnel. Ebeneezer hurls a bomb into the wind funnel. The bomb detonated inside the wind, erupting the air into a fire tornado, which weakens the wind slightly before it begins to whip up again. Another torrent forms and spirals down towards the ground. Running now, we reach cover and notice the air inside is cooler. Brant suggests we try to keep to the buildings as a route to stay safe.

With Farandril and Granuelle leading the way and tracking across the ruins of the city, we press on, and reach a twisted tower, once the home to the mages base of operations and study. Around us, and up to is point, we see the city covered in skeletons of civilians. Some prams of skeletons, some half disintegrated and stripped of flesh. Farandril points out where he would expect to see the vault doors, across a courtyard beneath the tower. Watching the courtyard, Farandril notices a funnel of air appear to be more of an entity, with swirling arms of flames floating towards the group. Immediately Ebeneezer throws a bomb at this being.

Three tornadoes of flame begins to turn around the elemental, and work their way towards the party. 428 moves up closer and waits, as the elemental whilst aggressive, has not yet attacked us. Brant then casts tongues on himself in order to try to understand the entity. He shouts out “are you ok?” at the being. Granuelle charges around the elemental and observes what it is doing, heading closer to the vault entrance. The being thrusts one of the fire spouts at 428, and the Goliath is engulfed in flames. The alchemist hurls another grenade at the creature, but the elemental seems to absorb some of the fire and grow. Sivaras draws a shard of ice fro, her staff and hurls it at the being. She misses, but the shard explodes and the ambient magic causes extra cold damage. Farandril steps up and cast a spiritual weapon, taking the form of a warhammer, with an owls head, and the wings forming the arms of the hammer. The elf then unleashes a sacred flame at the elemental. Journee moves to stand in front of Sivaras, and casts an eldritch fire blast but misses the enemy. The fire is drawn into the being magically. Immediately, the elemental moves up to Sivaras, Farandril and Journee. A cutting wind swirls around us, and reduces our vision beyond the wind. It conjures an elemental blade made of fire, and slams this down into Journee. The blade strikes the dwarf, and shatters into thick pieces of orange glass as Journee is knocked unconscious. The fire spout over 428 bursts and burns him again. Taking this damage, 428 rages and charges into the wind spiral to attack the elemental. He swings his axe at the creature and strikes home. Brant then hurls a viscous mockery at the being, telling it’s he’s “not so hot”.

Granuelle fires her cross bow and misses, and it unleashes a firespout at her in response. Ebeneezer drinks a potion, and his mutagen takes effect, and spikes once again grow fro, him, as Ebeneezer is no more, but Eddie takes over. He swings out with the ceremonial dagger and the enchantment takes hold. Farandril sees 428 suddenly appear whilst raging, and asks if he needs any healing. He moves his spiritual weapon closer to the elemental but it cannot reach. The elf then casts sacred flame again at the being, but the creature avoids the hit. Journees life begins to slip away from him a bit more.

The elemental forms a fist of fire and smashes it into the unconscious dwarf, whose life force slips away further. Sivaras casts levitate on herself and shifts her form into a rat. She begins to swirl in the whirlwind wildly, and she begins to levitate herself upwards away from the elemental, in the maelstrom. 428 swings his axe again, and strikes the creature, before surging sparks of lightning at it. Granuelle takes out her elemental orb, and conjures the investiture of ice into herself, weakening the effect of the firespout around her, before charging towards the creature. She blasts a cone of ice upwards at the begin, and the ice is also amplified by the elemental chaos around us. The firespout wreaths itself around Brant, but he is able to dodge the flames effectively using his bardic and rogue training. Eddie tries to thrust the dagger again at the creature, but does not hit, as the air continues to blow. He swings out with his off hand but also misses. Sivaras levitates further, and is thrown south out of the whirlwind. She issues a mental command to her familiar for the bat to catch her in rat form. Unfortunately the bat isn’t strong move her floating form.

Suddenly, three wizards emerge from the tower, hearing the fray. One carries a wand and unleashes a blast of arcane power at Brant. The energy blasts further and destroys the ground further in the process. Farandril moves his spiritual weapon again, and smashes it into the elemental. The creature then clasps its hands and when it draws them apart a flaming whip wraps around 428’s neck. It starts to heat up, but the Goliath is able to flex and pull the whip away. The firespout around Brant pulses and the halfling falls unconscious. The Goliath swings his axe and sparks lightning again. Seeing Brant unconscious, Granuelle blasts ice at the firespout and caused this to dissipate before running to him and administering a healing potion. Eddie then pulls out a bowl from his alchemy kit and mixes a bomb he has, and drops it into the bowl, to try and direct the blast. The bomb goes off hitting the elemental, Farandril and 428. The fire seems to heal and restor pe the elemental. Sivaras remains floating, but drops her wildshape. She throws an ice knife at the three crazed looking wizards, and the shard explodes damaging them all. Farandril continues to fight the elemental with his spiritual weapon and sacred flames.

The elemental tries to crack its whip over 428 again, but fails, and then it moves a firespout back over Brant who is still prone from collapsing. The fire bites into him and bard manages to stay conscious through the flames. Our Goliath cleaves his storm axe deeper into the elemental. Each hit he draws lightning energy and necromancy power from the elemental. 428 feels as though he is ripping the heart from the creature, as the air swirls down and settles. The barbarian then charges toward Brant, but manages to slip on the ice around Granuelle, and also falls prone. Brant stands up and heals himself with a calming word.

The crazed wizards begin to conjure a ball of wild arcane energy and unleashes it as a cone against Brant, Granuelle and 428. The energy hits the party, but then backfires on the wizards. The back lash takes out two of the wizards immediately. Granuelle absorbs elements from the energy, and then she pulls out a wand at the remaining wizard. A purple beam fires out of the wand and the wizard falls dead.

And that’s where we left off…