So this week in the Anduwin Chronicles….

Immediately after Sivaras and Ebeneezer appear through the portal above Granuelle, they fall, and the party rounds of who this human is with Sivaras. She is weakened significantly by her last arcane endeavour. 428 remains in surgery on his back. Granuelle informs Sivaras of 428’s injuries. She explains she opened a portal and begins to investigate the hospital wing to assist with the goliaths healing. Ebeneezer introduces himself to Granuelle and Brant. He offers the party the opportunity to use his services. Ebeneezer tells the group he is a purveyor of potions and balms. We learn we are in Borodos, and the city is under attack. Sivaras sees the magical shield and thinks back to the shields around her home in N’Vantis. This one is simpler, weaker and less complex than her peoples sheild. She thinks about helping the mages making it, but decides against this. Ebeneezer offers his wares again, and a man passing by shares he has taken a shot to the knee, and would like a healing potions. The alchemist offer to heal him, for a trade, but the man can not afford it. He limbs away and Ebeneezer speaks to Granuelle and Brant. The party declines, and Ebeneezer heads off to look for Sivaras, whilst Granuelle and Brant head into the town to shop.

Meanwhile, 428 is in surgery. The medics lift the Goliath with difficulty and a spade. They say they need to cut off some of his bone shards to make it easier to carry out the procedure. As soon as they begin to cut, 428 instinctively lashes out and punches. An orderly is thrown across the room. Sivaras enters and seeing the pain in 428 she tells the staff to leave. She levitates him, after asking the surgeon to leave. She applies her ring to his back and tries to repair the broken spine, but this fails. She chooses to construct a makeshift stretcher using tensers floating disc. On leaving the hospital, she rejoins Ebeneezer and tells him of 428’s injuries and they discuss the need for powerful mages or skilfully make healing potions. They agree to head towards a reputable alchemist. Ebeneezer grabs hold of the first wealthy man they see. They meet James Tottington Burbage and his dog, who is able to give directions to Hapsburg as a potions manufacturer. James wishes the group well in healing their “pet”. 428 is offended, and seeing this, Sivaras coughs and casts a poison spray on the dogs lead. The group move on, and here James and his dog collapse. They arrive at the building, and Ebeneezer thinks about the cost of what a powerful healing potion would be. We find it could be anywhere from 800 to 5000 gold pieces, Sivaras decides to see that they have the right potion in stock first.

Entering, Ebeneezer takes the lead. He speaks to the proprietor, and gains information that business is booming in a Vespard currently. This company is owned by The Imperious Organisation, and the proprietor is keen to boast the skills of the company. Ebeneezer makes conversation with the alchemist and the pair talk about their craft. Waiting in the store proper, Sivaras sees an experimental potion dripping into a mouse cage with several rodents starting a rudimentary fight club. To pass the time, she creates a snake using her dancing lights cantrip and the mice begin to attack the light serpent. In the stock room, Ebeneezer and the salesman reach an older part of the warehouse. They find a potion of superior healing, which he says has a price of 4500 gold pieces. Ebeneezer offers a deal to the alchemist, for providing the potion, and the process of back mending could be observed. Unfortunately the deal falls flat. When Ebeneezer sweetens the deal with 75 gold. In answer, he says he can offer the potion at base cost, 3000 pieces. A third deal is offered and Ebeneezer asks about costs of greater potions, but this too is costly. They agree to meet later, once Ebeneezer has spoken with Sivaras. Ebeneezer takes a swig of a potions, and convulses slightly, before standing up taller, and his nails growing into claws, surprising the storekeep. The man is terrified of the transformed Ebeneezer, and begins backing away. This figure introduces himself as Eddie, having taken over from Ebeneezer. Eddie intimidates the storekeeper and is offered to take anything he wishes. Eddie then headbuts the man, bone spines grow out of Eddie’s head and in that moment, the man is killed. The chest containing the potion they want is sealed magically. Discovering the body, Sivaras brings 428 inside, and makes a sign for the window saying “Closed for family bereavement”. She then begins to cast gentle repose on the body, to obscure the time of death.

In another part of town, Granuelle and Brant arrive at a blacksmiths. Journee manages to catch up with the group. At the smiths, they meet a dwarfen male who is disassembling armour. She is looking for smithing tools and obtains these easily. She is also seeking augmentation equipment and supplies. The half orc is directed to another store, with a large queue. She skips the queue and asks for blank augments and supplies. She is told by the smith, Maximus Metal, to join the queue, but eventually she succeeds in bartering for what she wants, in exchange for a trade of a magic item. Maximum declines this, so the half orc turns to the queue, and asks who will pay 600 gold pieces for a blank ichor stained crossbow. A blood soaked abattoir worker steps up, and pays for the item as he is assured it can be used to “kill his wife”. Granuelle accepts the deal, and takes four blank augment sheets. She begins to walk away. A short while later, she conjures her crossbow back to her as a bonded weapon.

Brant conjures his illusionary duplicate and begins to gossip, to appear that he is talking to his “twin”. He says Maxium Metal has a “small cock”. He tries to perform for the public to convince them this gossip tale is believable. Most of the gathered women are convinced by Brant’s stories. Brant and Granuelle begin to converse about Sivaras bringing a new member to the group. Brant doesn’t feel comfortable with new members. Granuelle asks what had happened when Du’Reth was in the chamber on the Orion, when 428 when feral. Brant brings Granuelle up to speed on the situation. The pair then talk about Sivaras, and Ebeneezer. They are unsure if they can trust these people. It is around this time that Brant, Journee and Granuelle round a corner and spot Sivaras putting up the bereavement sign. Granuelle runs inside, calling out for Sivaras.

The party reunites in the alchemist shop, and Eddie begins to augment a greater potion, as Granuelle is unable to physically force the magical box open. Brant is unconvinced that a potion will heal 428, but tat he will need powerful magic and spells. They gather their supplies and Sivaras convinces the party shopkeeper completes his business and then left for his bereavement. The group begin to make their way back to the hospital, with 428’s bed being floated by the magical disc.

On their way back to the hospital, 428 notices there is an eclipse taking place in th sky beyond the magical barrier. He informs the party, and they begin to notice civilians panicking, as the shadow over the sun is pointed and a horn is sounding. 428 suspects this is the Andromeda. Soldiers fill the street and instruct people to take shelter, and go deep underground, back at the infirmary, Eddie begins to augment the potions, and by combining them, he thinks he can complete the brew within half an hour.

Granuelle, Brant and Journee follow the soldiers. And in the hospital, 428 rests on the bed, while Eddie brews and Sivaras turns hospital beds up against the windows as a thin additional barrier. The sergeant asks who in the group had skills. They are convinced the sheild will hold, but a swarm of bats descends from the ship and batters the barrier. Brant says he has some healing magic, and Granuelle tells the soldiers to form ranks of bowmen, and take out the bat riders if the shield faulters. The shield begins to glow in a wider array of colours, and some soilders cheer it is being turned up to full power. Granuelle suggests the shield be opened slightly to try to bottleneck the foe, as a means to control the battlefield.
Sivaras tears a page from Magnus spellbook and casts sending a single time, which burns up the page. Journee offers explosives to the city defenders, as a message is sent to the mages who are powering and controlling the shield. The force receives Ward a small hole will be opened on the western side of the shield, and instructs the bowmen to take aim, while explosives are tied to arrows and bolts, in preparation for the bottleneck.

The sheild hole opens, and the defenders open fire. Granuelle casts a firebolt, and the archers open fire with a large volley explosive arrows, which takes out a section of the bat swarm. Brant fires a bolt upward and hits a gold crested bat and takes it from the sky. Eddie convulses again and returns to being Ebeneezer and continues brewing. Sivaras looks out the hospital window having heard the explosion, and sees the influx of bats 200feet overhead. Ebeneezer begins mixing in reagents and adds his own healing potion to the brew thinking this idea will surely work. The bats keep pushing through and the volleys keep firing. The exchange continues, as bat after bat is picked off from the swarm. Journees magically enhanced Anduwin bomb is selected, and is given to the squads best marksman, The Target. Th arrow is loosened and the payload sent flying. It detonates within the city shield with piercing white light. Anyone who sees this is instantly blinded. The bats are also blinded, their formation is disrupted, and they stop charging the hole, and begin to fight each other. Granuelle and Brant are blinded for a few minutes. Seeing the flash, Sivaras thinks the shield has gone down, so rushed to the soldiers grouping to try and aid the fight. Ebeneezer completes his brew and gives is to 428 to drink. The yuan ti hurls a frostball at the large target and takes a many of them out in the freezing explosion. As the bats fall, streams of dark black energy flow from the dead creatures into Sivaras.

428 drinks the potion and is healed. His back jolts and snaps back into place. He jumps in the pain, but his legs reflectively move with he pain. He was in agony in the pain, but when it subsides, he tentatively stands and carrUse his own weight. He and Ebeneezer begin to catch up with the other party members. The bats begin to withdraw from the city, as the streets are piled high with bat corpses. Brant tumbles up a spire and glances across the city expecting further onslaught, but having recently been blinded, he still can’t make out much else. The ship in the sky begins to turn and 428 suspects a larger attack from the ship directly. We state we need to get out of here, but the guard captain refuses to flee and abandon his post. He does not believe the shield will fail. Brant and Sivaras in combination convince him to live to fight another day. He ralleys his men to get as many people as he can into the bunker vaults beneath the city. En route, we suggest that the shield is brought as close to the ground as possible at the moment the Andromeda fires its weapon. There is discussion to destroy all communication and teleport machines and devices in the city, but we are unsure if this has been done.

A screech is heard, then a rumbling. The ground begins to shake, and the dumpling continues, and a scraping is heard. The mages holding the shield pass out in a spark of being over fused with arcane force. The scraping and rumbling continues for a long time, with everyone in the vaults still in a moment of abject terror and heightened adrenaline.

And that’s where we left off.