So, this week in the Anduwin Chronicles…

Brant, Journeé, Granuaile and 428 survey the shore lands around them, seeing a gentle tide riding in behind them. It’s peaceful and quiet here. Looking around, Granuaile guesses it’s approaching dusk. From her previous time in the deserts of Derimyre and that it will be very cold at night here. Whilst remembering this, the flying potion 428 had drunk wears off. The party comes to his aid and Granuaile remembers an injury she saw in war on another solider, and on testing, she realizes he has broken his spine and will be paralyzed from the waist down. Julio is released from the void urn as a means to carry the paralyzed Goliath. Between the three able body party members, they cut down nearby trees to form a make-shift stretcher of sorts. The stretcher is affixed to Julio to draw through the sand. Brant heads to the water, and spends time staring out across the sea. Journee begins to collect some resources, such as sand and stones and store them in his pack.

Granuaile  suggests the party make camp, as it will be dark soon, and that means cold. She props up 428 and offers him gruel from her enchanted spoon. Camp is set up, including one tent being set up around 428, despite him protesting he can tolerate the cold. Eventually sleep finds 428 and he rests, hoping to feel better on waking. Brant sings a sad and mournful tune, whilst Granuelle spends time with Julio. This is the first time the mount has been out of the urn in several days.

Meanwhile, Ebeneezer and Sivaras continue their stilted exchange. There is a rumble, and a shock wave from above sounding louder than Ebeneezer is used to. They discuss a plan to head towards the door he mentioned. She follows, and en route, he points of the bodies and sites he visited on the way to finding her. The chamber appears to have a higher water level than last time. He throws her a vial, which she lets drop. He passes her another and eventually she drinks this after informing Ebeneezer that she is impossible to poison. She touches the tomb and begins to comprehend the language it is written in, learning of the place of worship and resting. The pair continue along towards the door, and discover an ice storm raging. Sivaras shapes water into an igloo for shelter, and after an uncomfortable silence, she offers an information exchange and starts with her name, and that she arrived in this place via portal. He tells her this tomb is on the Ilse of Ice, north of Bukka Mortaine. She begins to examine her spell book and tinker with spell craft and whilst doing so, he asks her to read something arcane. He hands over a scroll vellum and she discovers this to be a scroll of Conjure Celestial. Ebeneezer suggests using this as a means to escape the tomb. The pair agree this should be a last resort.

Back in Oskiliath, Granuaile is feeding Julio, and feels a blade resting on her neck. The party are quickly overcome by a number of large purple skinned trolls, and bound in ropes and tethers. Their camp has been surrounded by a troupe of around twenty trolls. Julio begins to fight the trolls but after the scuffle he is spurned and the horse runs away. Bound, the trolls drag the party members across the sand dunes. Granuelle speaks first, shouting in any language to speak to the troll in charge. She is told to speak to the tribe. The group travel for around two or three hours in this manner. The sand ends and the group move over a rocky out cropping and into a tribal village of yurts and tents, and even one watch tower. It is at this moment that 428 stirs from his rest. Inside one of the tents, made of canvas and skins stretched over an enormous wishbone, is a wooden throne with the camps leader sat upon it. Surprisingly through, the leader is an old human male who looks tired. The leader gestures and the party of prisoners are put to the ground, and 428’s stretcher is leant against the wishbone. Racking his brain, Brant recognises the man sat on the thrown before him as a man known as The Snade.

The Snade speaks to the party, and apologies for binding them. Granuelle shares they have tried to reach Vespard, but they are somewhat further south than they planned to be. Granuelle tells the man they were previously in Bukka Mortaine and on board the Orion. He asks her if she has obtained any interesting relics on board the Orion or elsewhere. In learning she has some interesting items, a troll steps up behind her imposingly. Granuelle offers him the Thunderstaff as tribute to the Snade, so the party can pass through unimpeded. He accepts the offering and the party is unbound and invited to sit with the Snade. He asks what business they have in Vespard, and Granuelle states she has land there an is returning home to it. After the exchange the group are escorted out of the wishbone tent and given hospitality to rest without the need to take watch. Granuelle speaks to the Snade of 428’s injuries and asked if there is anything that can be done to aid him. Later that night, a troll comes to their accommodation and provides them with a single bandage wrap before leaving them. Sleep takes the party after an exhausting day.

Morning comes and the trolls push the party out of the camp. Realizing that it will be slow going and near impossible to drag 428 to Vespard, Granuelle calls out for Julio. In the distance a dark imposing equine figure appears and makes its way back to Granuelle. Julio has indeed returned. The stretcher is attached to Julio and the group set off north. Travelling for several hours until they come across a large city with a river flowing off from the city into the east. A slight shimmer can just be made out around the city. Several flying specs collide with the shimmer and the orange magical shield around the city becomes more solid and the specs are repelled. A few miles in wards, Granuelle spots a familiar looking battalion. She sees the unit and realises this is not a Greyborn unit, but appear to be similar to the Bladed-Magi ranks she used to belong too. The unit are in a defensive formation and meet the party as the group descend. Granuelle ensures he insignia is on display for the battalion to see. Within a short time, two mounted soldiers approach and move from an attacking formation into a more relaxed posture. They lift their spears and let down their guard. They ask the party to identify themselves. The half orc states she is Lady Granuelle and she wishes to use the teleported within the city to reach Vespard. He soldiers tell Granuelle that the city is under siege by Greyborn forces. The soldiers escort the party to the city and reveal the events of the past 24 hours from all over the world.

The party is told of the masses of reaction and that in the early hours of yesterday morning, a scream came all at once to every magical being and individual who could scry. Thousands of messages breaking through from Bukka Mortaine simultaneously declaring the country had been attacked and under attack for days, as well as the king having been taken hostage. The prime minister of Naramiá overturns the powers of the government and declares he can no longer stand by with the forces of Maurdórne attacking the world. Immediately, the rulers of the world, King Gustovelt IX of Ultrek, The Grand Emir of Oskiliath and other world leaders in one voice speak out against the Greyborn and in union declared war against Maurdórne . The party is shocked that the fragile ceasefire has been broken by the Greyborn. Many think the attack on Bukka Mortainé was an obvious maneuver to take out rival forces one by one. The soldiers tell the party that the moment each country declared to stand against Maurdórne, bombing raids began.

The soldiers take 428 to the infirmary and bring a delegate of Vespard to meet with Brant Goldust, the hero of Vespard, and Lady Granuelle of Mountains foot. An old injuries and scared man is brought out, who the party recognize as Mostly Dead John who they last saw in h of Majorai in Bejorne. He says he is waiting for the Protectorate of Mountains foot, Amelie. Who the party once rescued and were until three weeks ago charged with escorting her back to Vespard. Mostly dead John worries that two protectorates are missing and Amelie has not yet arrived.

In the infirmary 428 has been settled into a bed, and is being examined when Journee, Granuelle and Brant arrive. The healers say they have the ability to heal his bones but it will be painful and will take time, and the physician asks for some time and space. The party shuffles away from 428’s bed when a voice calls out to Brant. A badly burnt and acid damaged Jameson Ferade (an old acquaintance) of the party stands before him. Jameson is currently the acting protectorate of Vespard until Amelie arrives. He is keen to be able to step down from his position. He tells Brant that he is no longer the hero of Vespard as the city has been saved since thirty years ago when he last did it. Granuelle leaves the medical wing and at that time Jameson asks Brant is he still travels with Croxium. Brant’s faces stills and his voice quiets mournfully. Brant says he doesn’t know if he can keep fighting, if he can keep doing this. Jameson wants to take the fight to the Greyborn rather than just defend. Jameson asks if Brant has any intelligence that could aid in the coming fights. Brant shares there are some Greyborn within different clans who are willing to fight against the emperor. He tells them about Aspals Cohort. He also tells of the power source on the Orion, and if this was attacked the ship would likely be destroyed. He shares that men, women and children, elderly and infirm, innocents are housed on the Orion. Brant continues to tell Jameson about the teleportation stones on the ships, and that he knows slightly more, but wants to gather more information to confirm what he has learned before sharing.

Back in the tomb, Ebeneezer asks Sivaras to access the ambient magics in the area. He offers her a potion to enhance her mental senses. She pulls on the energy around her and takes out her spellbook, and Druidic spells and searches for sigils of conjugation school of magic. She manages to pull open a small crackling orange portal, and pushes her own power into it. The strain in her body is immense but with the aid of Ebeneezer giving her healing potions and channeling his own magic into the portal via Sivaras, she manages to stabilise the portal as she thinks of Granuelle. I opens and half orc can be seen through the portal, as if from above; grabbing Ebeneezer’s wrist Sivaras pulls him through landing on top of the half orc. Sivaras collapses in exhaustion and the party rounds on this new human, Ebeneezer who has suddenly appeared with Sivaras.

And that’s where we left off…