So, this week on the Anduwin Chronicles.

Immediately, the void urn containing the bomb flashes with light before the urn begins crumpling for a moment then expands rapidly outwards. Sivaras us thrown away, and all loose items and clothes are pulled into the now spinning vacuous singularity. Still under the effects of hold person, Du’Reth and 428 are paralysed and pulled through the singularity into an airless void. Unable to breath or speak. As soon as he is through the portal, 428 feels calmer, his feral lyncanthropic urges lessen as the darkness within him seems stronger here. Du’Reth’s unconscious body floats, but doesn’t seem to be holding his breath. He is lifeless as his soul was ripped from him. 428 thrashes soundlessly and reaches for his axe. The weapon he has had since the beginning. Sentimental to him for unknown reasons.

Back in the chamber, Granuelle continues to battle with Staarl. She brings down her warhammer against Staarl hand to try and get him to let go of the ledge. The Greyborn monstrosity is unrelenting, and stares up at the half orc as she swings down for him again, but this time his is reach and is able to avoid the warhammer’s blow. Marcel dashes for the closes ally and drags Sivaras away from the singularity. The void is growing and pulling up loose dirt and metal from the ships interior. Staarl halls himself up from the ledge and towers about Journee. The Greyborn reaches down, and grabs the dwarfs burning skull and begins to lift and crush the bone. Simultaneously Brant is drawn into the black hole.

In the soundless, airless void, Brant suddenly appears and begins tumbling to try to right himself. 428 tries to catch he halfling, and then flails toward Du’Reth to collect his body. He begins to try to move through the void as though swimming. Having caught Du’Reth’s body, 428 casts Spare the Dying on the gith, sacrificing some of his remaining air. Sivaras steps up to the portal and touches her dark ring to her mother’s amulet and extends her most powerful magical abilities into the void, to try and pull 428 back through. After a few breaths of nothing happening, a beam of orange light grows up her arm and into the vortex, which pulses with white energy, almost as is sending something through. The sheer mystical weight of this is exhausting on Sivaras. Granuelle conjures her mystic jackal behind Staarl, and the etherical hound bites the Greyborn and harries him while near to Granuelle, before managing to knock Staarl prone. Journee slides out of melee with Staarl and hurls two eldritch firebolts at the Greyborn. But being prone, the firebolts miss the enemy and collide with part of the ship, damaging the hole more. Marcel begins searching for chains or some hemp rope and asks for Sivaras’s aid. She declares she is too busy to tie the chain, so Marcel begins to form a tether around the keystone console. Staarl takes out the flute he had used before and we see him damaged and wreathed in pain by crackling electrical damage. The Greyborn punches enrages at Granuelle, but although the blow connects, the half orc does not seem phases by the blow. A moment later the punch erupts into thunderous damage.

In the void, Brant conjures his illusionary duplicate and send him through the portal for help. Seeing the illusionary duplicate Sivaras assumes this is the real Brant and stops channelling energy into the portal. 428 sees the pulse of orange white energy shoot past him and fire far off into the distance, and then fly past him and end. The barbarian struggles to air paddle with Brant and Du’Reth’s body towards the hole. Sivaras is dragged closer to the vortex and manages to find her footing. She holds her staff diagonally as though to prop open a window and prepares to cast a shield spell if needed to try and keep the portal open.

Granuelle and her jackal continue to try to hit the Greyborn, Staarl but miss him, but using this distraction, Journee unleashes an eldritch firebolt and knocks Staarl off of the ledge and into the water below. Staarl drops the flute he was holding. Journee ties his rope of endless expansion to himself, and commands the rope to tie itself onto Sivaras. Journee scoots the dropped flute away from the edge. The flute now looks to be a rusted piece of junk with a few holes in it. Marcel comes up to the void and begins to release the chain, but isn’t strong enough and is pulled in. The chain remains tied onto a console on board the Orion, and Marcel, still holding the chain sails past the surviving 428 group. Brant tries to work out what is wrong with Du’Reth, and finding no wounds, he cannot apply a healing kit, and there is no air for a healing word. He realises he peril is severe, and tries to usher 428 to air swim faster. 428 tries to reaches for chain to help him escape. 428 manages a feat of acrobatics to wrap the chain around his ankle to try and pull Marcel with the group. Looking back to see Marcel is still holding on, 428 sees the light going out and a huge ship eminates out of nowhere. The vessel is dark and bigger, and more menacing than the ships of three Greyborn. It has unreadable writing on its side. 428 gets a feeling that although the ship is far away, something is looking at him. Then a second ship appears, and a third. He barbarian notices a grey cloud in the distance breaking up into thousands of creatures with emerald eyes. The creatures charge at the ships and the first begins to crack in two, then the creatures attack the second ship and the third. 428 sees a huge space battle with pearls of smoke and power break out of the ships, and fireballs and explosions are seen. 428 tries to dodge the exploding radiant damage, and fails, as the light ruptures and throws Brant, Du’Reth and 428 through the hole. Du’Reth unconscious, 428 newly unconscious, and Brant barely holding on. The chain is fried and Marcel is no more. The radiant light burns a hole through the Orion, and far off into the distance, beyond eyesight. Sivaras casts healing word on Du’Reth and 428. The barbarian stirs and begins to come around. But is groggy.

Journee inspects the flute and picks it up holding it in a cloth. Journee realises this object is delicate, and he chooses to keep it. He considers putting the flute inside the urn for safe keeping. Granuelle watches him, and advises him not to risk putting it in the urn. Journee decides that the urn is the safest place for the flute, but heads Granuelle’s words and places the flute carefully into his satchel.

Calm settles the room, and Brant explains he saw Du’Reth using the mascul blade and that this may be why he isn’t responding to magical healing. Brant says we need to get Du’Reth to the ground. Sivaras searches for the last keystone and forth one needed. She heads over to the control console with the stones. She quickly words out there are seven dials and a targeting section. There are dials for Home, The Core, Scorpius, Andromeda, Faychatcher, and The Resting and The Nexus which sound familiar to Sivaras. She is gleeful at seeing this. She quickly opens a portal to the parliament gardens, which is nearest to the generator of shield over Bukka Mourtain. Granuelle pulls 428s sleeping body through, as Journee and Brant drag Du’Reth’s body. Sivaras hangs back and tells Granuelle she thinks she can use the portal to get back to her people, and the Queen. She closes the portal and dials in the scorpious, the. The Faycacyher both not connecting. The third try is The Resting. She steps through into old old tunnels covered in dust. She steps cautiously forwards and begins to look for signs of her people in this old place. She sees a deep altar begins to descend the long way to it, in silence, as the portal winks out of existence, leaving her seemingly alone.

Back in the gardens, Brant tries to rally the party. Journee argues that under Brant’s leadership, the party has lost many members. Brant insists they try to help Du’Reth. Journee offers to burn the body or dig a grave, while Brant explains to Granuelle that “something” has happened to him. Brant states he knows someone who can help, but that he hasn’t spoken to him in a long time. He is unsure where this person may be, and asks he party of any ways to find this man.

Journee feels unsafe in the open. In the gardens, Brant points out the parliament buildings have all been sacked and that the greyborns are guarding the outer walls to stop people getting in. It seems the party has been teleported to within the guarded area, and so the guards are looking outward, and their attention is elsewhere. There is sufficient cover here and the party agrees to head for one of the buildings. This transpired to be a crypt with coffins laid about. Journee thinks on his inate dwarves knowledge to tell the party the moseleum is old, and some the sarcophagii within predate the building itself. He shares that he thinks it is from The Age of Darkness- a period of time before documentation. The party enters and closes the large mahogany doors and bars them. Journee begins to search through Magnus’ chest still on 428’s back for incense to summon his familiar Magda. He does this under the guise of trying to make the barbarian more comfortable. In his groggy state, 428 lashes out and strikes at the dwarf. Journee finds an insence bag, but it is empty. So he leaves the Goliath alone. A bit disheartened, Journee sits and chooses to make some grenade casings. The party begins to rest, for a short while and we see Brant apparently praying in a corner.

Meanwhile. Sivaras reaches the bottom of the stairs and inspects the altar. On it there is a stand and a shield held atop. The shield turns out to be illusionary and beginning to fade. She detects magic and senses all schools of magic except necromancy. She also senses Anduwomancy – the school used by the Anduwin. She also realises that the Shield of the Anduwin was resting here for a very long time. She sees a painting depicting a bull creature charging against a being of shadowy tendrils. Eventually the bull seems to “evolve” into a humanoid form with large bull horn, and arm outstretched holding a kite shield floating aloft.

After resting, the party decide to preserve Du’Reth’s body in on of the two remaining urns (not including Julio’s urn. See to make a bomb combining the Anduwin dust from the carbide Du’Reth had. Granuelle tells 428 what happened, as 428 begins to rub the Lycan bite on his neck. 428 is very interested in what happened with Staarl. Journee is confident that Staarl is now dead. Brant begins to ask 428 what he saw in the void. 428 confirms he saw the ships and the magical sky battle. Brant is unnerved by this, and states he is beginning to think Sivaras my not have been as ridiculous as the party though. He says he saw the ships and learnt the word “Dawnika” fro, the side of one of the ships. This doesn’t appear to mean anything to the party. Journee hears this, and asks if this is of Dawnish. He takes out a small steel canister which has Eminancy written on the side and contains a fine grey white powder. Eventually, Granuelle and Journee are unable to work out what this powder is. He reseals the canister. Brant and 428 continue their discussion about the ships. Brant discusses that he saw the word scorpion on the side, and he hopes that whatever the ships where, that they are far far away. Brant shares he has been in the astral plane before when the party lost Rhogar. 428 wonders if anyone else feels calm when they’re in the astral plane, and Brant says he feels very lonely. He is unsure what happened to 428 and why he feels calmer and less feral in the astral plane. 428 tells Brant he became feral when he was bitten by the chimera, and is worried about what would happen if he is bitten their again. Brant is able to work out that 428 May have contracted a disease or kinship with the wolf. Brant confirms this curse sounds like lycanthropy and he adds this to an ever growing list of things that need to be solved.

Brant suggests the party set off to the parliament to try to find a way forward, and find the battery generating the shield preventing messages from leaving Bukka. The party agrees to set off stealthily. The group heads to the tree line of the garden, and sneaks, until they reach the edge of the line. The grass is long, and has been untended for a long time. Brant and Journee are able to hide in the long grass, while Granuelle and 428 try to be hidden, but are too large to creep through the grasses. The guard continue to look outward, unaware of the chance of anyone else being inside the walls. Granuelle is able to spot a side door to the parliament with a single solitary guard – a Greyborn. They plan to take out this guard quickly, and quietly. Journee suggest we take him out by grappling rather than execution. Brant hands 428 a feather from a passing ostrich as a means to inspire 428, on his approach. The Greyborn is holding a very long gun which he is in the process of adding an attachment too. 428 quietly approaches, invisibly thanks to Journee, and begins to choke out the Greyborn guard. His approach is seemingly undetected, and the Goliath covers the Greyborns mouth and quietly knocks him unconscious. They remove his weapon, and plan to put his body inside one of Journee’s urns. 428 tries to open the urn, but cannot pronounce the magic word. Granuelle triggers the urn and the Greyborn is drawn inside. With the guard dealt with, Brant picks the lock on the door, and states there are no traps on it. The four party members step through into an employees entry way. There are several doors, one of which is ajar and through it the parliament proper can be glimpsed. Brant reminds all of us that he knew the prince who later became the king, and so should know his way around.

The parliament itself appear to have been abandoned in a hurry a while ago. It looks like the Greyborn have not been here since they arrived in Bukka. However, Brant is unsure about his way around from the employees entrance. He is used to coming into a much grander entrance. Carefully, the group begin exploring, looking for the shield generator. Brant realises there is a large eastern wing, with a huge conservatory on the roof which is likely where the generator will be. Brant, Granuelle, Journee and 428 stealthily head to a secret passage which should lead upwards to the conservatory. They manage to circumvent the Greyborn patrols of the corridors, and approach an intersection which leads in two directions. One downwards, and one further along before going upwards. Brant thinks the upward route would lead to where we need to be, and so takes point in the marching order, with Granuelle and 428 in the middle and Journee at the rear. The group begin their ascent and start to feel a pulsing energy flowing through them. It feels warm and carries a powerful magical residue, which being around for too long would be unwise. They reach a small servants hatch door and listen. They hear a static pulsing and electrical leaping on the other side. Brant carefully opens the door and peaks through. He sees a shape where a telescope used to be, and now there is a large mechanical static machine. There are metal coils and lightning is jumping from the coils to a floating crystal at its base. The energy appears to be gathering at the crystal and then flowing upwards out of the top of the telescope with a blue hue, and is seemingly wha this causing the sheild. There doesn’t appear to be anyone else in this room when Brant peers around. Brant firmly advises the party not to touch the crystal, but as he is saying this, Granuelle charges across the room and punts the crystal. However, as she swings, a trident lands beside her which catches the warhammer. She looks up and sees a large earthen humanoid barring a trident. The Earthbreaker known as Croxium. He says “I told you, I would stop you” before assuming an offensive pose and adding “this is where we shall begin”.

And that’s where we left off.