So, this week in the Anduwin Chronicles

Markech returns as the party awakes, and tells them the job is done, and that the next chamber should be dealt with in around ten minutes. Brant agrees to go through the vent shaft, to check the other chamber, and see if the Greyborn are asleep. He tells us a code word for a crisis would be “Folk Tale”. As he approaches the grate, he sees almost all the Greyborn beginning to slump to the floor asleep. The last one has not yet eaten the food laced with sleeping draught. Brant fires his crossbow, trying to take out the Greyborn quietly. But in missing, he draws the eye of his enemy. Brant calls out the safe word, and the party springs into action. 428 and Du’Reth charge down the corridor while Journee supports Brant from within the vent. The girls, Granuelle and Sivaras remain in their chamber, with a plan to activate the teleporter as soon as Brant gets the keystones. 428 struggles with the door to the other chamber, but eventually shifts the rusted mechanism. Not wanting the foe to call for aid, Brant casts a high level hold person on the awake Greyborn, and one who was stirring. Hearing the safeword, Sivaras unleashes a frostball, sending a wave of cold down the vent shafts before her icy shards erupt in the room. She knows Brant’s right style has usually been hang bag, so risked casting without a line of sight. The icy explodes rapidly, and as the foes are either asleep or held by Brant’s magic, they all,fail their saves and take full damage. Granuelle, knowing she can’t fit through the vent also goes for the corridor and dashes. Journee sees the effectiveness of hitting lots of turn, and so uses his wand of fireballs and sends the flaming bead to the same point Sivaras centred her spell on. The chamber is rapidly cooled then heated and five of the enemies are no more. On Greyborn in the corner, Du’Reth recognises as the highest ranking. The Greyborn backs up and poops a power in a circle around him before he starts to cut his own arm and letting his blood drip onto the powder. Brant realises this must Elbe some sort of ritual and so shoots and throws daggers to try and interrupt him, but isn’t successful. With the door now open, Du’Reth moves fully into the room and takes his short sword and makes very short work of two more sleeping Greyborn. Have we’ve, seeing 428 losing the door, one heavily armed Greyborn fires a massive shotgun towards the door and strikes at Marcel, who immediately is thrown backwards and the hit causes him to fall unconscious.

Meanwhile, Granuelle continues her charge down the corridor but hears something behind her. Turning she sees a shadowing horse like creature with a hooded monsterous rider making their way down the corridor towards the commotion in the room. A siren begins blaring, and our stealth mission has gone very far south. Brant brings Marcel to consciousness use a healing word, and Du’Reth is shot and stabbed weakening him greatly. Our yuan ti, Sivaras shifts form into a planter and moves swiftly through the vent to the other chamber. She sees the wet (from ice) and still smouldering bodies of many Greyborn, and begins looking for keystones on the bodies. Knowing she has one from the parties initial chamber, and will need four in total. Granuelle turns in the corridor to face her stalking foe and misses with her crossbow, but stands her ground. Journee leaves the vent, but had chosen to come to the corridor rather than the room, and so the warlock and the eldritch knight prepare to fight this dark monstrosity.

The Greyborn in the ritual completes and falls limp against a wall, and in the centre of thE room, shadows coalesce into a solid form, and grow, taking shape. They merge and develop into the form of a beast with three heads, one draconic, one ram, and one lion. It beats its wings as the chimera surveys the room, chooses who would be the best prey. Brant has been near the vent, but in being there is no up close with the chimera so he runs back the beast swings for him as he backs up, but he then fires knowing Sivaras panther form is still in melee with it. His bolt sinks deeply. 428 ensures the doors will stay open, and moves into the room, and immediately goes for the biggest foe- the chimera. He swings his axe recklessly and strikes. Sivaras does not want to be in melee, so also runs away fro, the creature, and drops her wildshape form before slamming her staff on the metal floor, creating a loud ringing sound which she uses to Toll the Dead. The chimera takes the full cantrip damage as Brant and 428 have already wounded it. Reading the room, Du’Reth makes a choice to take out his crystal sword – the mascul blade. He battles his will against that of the sword and if locked in that battle for a time.

Journee and Granuelle throw spells at the rider in the corridor who seems to shrug them off. He dismounts and the horse creature up close appears to be a necrotic shadow horse, with clear draconic features, including his head. As Granuelle moves to stand befor Journee and protect him, the “horse“ let’s of a flaming breath attack. Granuelle takes the hit, but uses her absorb elements to reduce it, and Journee manages to dodge the breath and is used to working with fire. The rider makes his way closer, but Journee unleashes a Shatter spell, which kills the mount, but also ruptures the ship itself. The floor, being metal breaks which creatures a large crevice between the rider and the party. This close, Granuelle recognises that the rider is Staarl. A Greyborn ortack or clan leader who we last saw having drowned him several months ago. But we had heard rumours the Greyborn emperor had experimented on him and that Staarl wasn’t as dead as we once thought.

The chimera bites at 428 and strike him in a critical place. The teeth sink into a previous bite wound from a fight in Quince. That other battle was against a werewolf and in it, 428 was bitten. In this battle, Brant yells distracting insults at the chimera and manages to cause one of the bites to miss 428. Feeling the bites and some darkness from the shadow chimera, a feral rage boils to the surface of 428 and he drops his axe and begins ripping and punching the biggest thing in the room. He rips out the throat of the lion head and in his feral mind is compelled to consume. Du’Reth manages to win his battle of wills against the mascul blade, and uses it to take care of one of th last remaining Greyborn. Brant sees this but is used to 428 attwcking recklessly and in a rage, and is not yet concern d by this behaviour. He instead moves closer and throws a potion of ageing into the draconic head, which instinctively bites down and begins ingesting the potion. The draconic head shrinks as it gets considerably younger. The body partially shrinks as does on of the beasts paws. 428 makes a swing and pulls of the throat of the ram head and also begins eating. Du’Reth sees this and is concerned about the risks. He leaves his opponent, and half way towards 428 he ignites a bomb and stows it in his bag. He moves to 428 and with the mascul blade swings. He misses, and then strikes, and attempts to stun 428, before striking at the chimera and dealing a killing blow. Sivaras sees this and manages to find two more keystones, and so makes her way around the room checking the other bodies. However, seeing the turn of events, she casts mirror image as a means to protect herself while she searches. The Greyborn with the shot gun tries to take out Du’Reth but in reaLott, the gun misfires and the Anduwin crystal inside explodes, burning the Greyborn’s face and shaking the chamber in a large explosion.

Staarl backs up and then throws himself across the 40 foot hole in the ships floor to reach Journee and Granuelle. The half orc stands strong and charged with elemental fire, she swings her warhammer at Staarl. Journee sees the fire and throws a bonfire at Staarl. Unfortunately the Greyborn manages to dodge the attack, but the flames do continue to work on the metal, and appear to be widening the gap between this floor, and the one below.

Du’Reth and 428 battle. The Goliath enraged by the gith taking away his prey. 428 strikes blow after blow at Du’Reth and with his rage, sparks lightning at him, which in just enough to knock him out. Brant sees this and casts a hold person on both allies as Du’Reth struck first but 428 appears feral, even by his normal raging standards. Sivaras casts a healing word on Du’Reth, and tolls the dead on the foe Du’Reth had previously been engage with. The slumps Greyborn who had cast the ritual summoning the chimera rouses, dazed but conscious and appears to have used Part of his own life essence to conjure the chimera. Sensing he is not strong enough to bring down 428, Du’Reth gives up fighting the will of the sword, and a part of his soul is drawn into the blade, and the entity controlling the word strikes 428 firmly twice. Du’Reth uses his inate psychic abilities to show the sword a mental image of Du’Reth healing himself using his monastic transition and training. The sword obliges and Du’Reth is returned to full health. Marcel unleashes a flurry of daggers at the last Greyborn, the ritual caster, which takes him out. Seeing the infighting between Du’Reth and 428, Sivaras needs to act fast. But Brant is faster. He kicks the mascul blade out of Du’Reth’s hand, and the gith’s soul is pulled on as more of it is dragged into the weapon. 428 is trying to exert his own will power, but he is fighting too many things. He pushes his will against the feral lycanthropic furry and fails. And pushes against the control of the sword which has been pulling at his soul too, since it hit him. He succeeds in resisting this. He pushes against Brant’s hold person spell but fails, and is also having to use his will power over another corrupting influence he has. Brant then heals Du’Reth. Sivaras searches Du’Reth’s bag for the void urn, thinking that the blade has corrupted the party and should be sealed away again. However, in her search she also finds the bomb, and recognises it to be an explosive device, having see Journee tinker with similar things. The bomb appears to have Anduwin explosive aspects. She panics, but thinks that the bomb may kill them all, but if it was in another space, the space would absorb some of the explosion. She whispers the keyword for the void urn and drops the bomb in. As soon as the Anduwin device enters the void space, it explodes.

And that’s where we left off.