So, this week in the Anduwin Chronicles

Immediately we are stepping through the portal. Floating, in a dark teleportation field. It feels as though we are being squashed together. We feel people around us, but can’t see anyone. We a thrown out the other side, and are cast into the floor of some dark place. The majority of the party manage to land, rolling with style. Some of us a rough in our landings. But we are together as a party. Looking around, we see ourselves in a cold, dark chamber, which looks like some sort of hollowed cave. There are jolts of electricity forming the portal, seeing it slowly close. The lightning gives the only light. As the portal fades, the light ends, and we are plunged into full darkness. Sivaras, still in bear form can smell a Greyborn in the room. She notifies Du’Reth (who still has his detect thoughts active). Du’Reth points, and Granuelle stalks towards the foe. Journee goes with Granuelle as they find the Greyborn bleeding heavily. He is very wounded. Granuelle asks where we are, and the Greyborn tells Granuelle to get stuffed, in less polite terms. Du’Reth is able to identify we are within the Great Fortress from the Greyborns mind. 428 lights a lantern, and enables the party to see the injured Greyborn. Du’Reth touches him, and stableises him, just as he creature begins to convulse. Not getting any information, 428 places his hand over the greyborns mouth, and twists his thumb into his bleeding wound. Then another digit, and another, until the Greyborn relents to speak. Meanwhile, Brant gets out of the bag on 428’s back and makes his way over to the large pillars which were generating the electricity we saw creating the portal. They appear to be massive Tesla coils. Brant recognises this technology as similar to that used at the building yard of the Andromeda. He begins to worry we may be on board the Andromeda, or at least that we are deep within some Greyborn base. Asking again, and demanding to know where we are, Du’Reth is able to read the thoughts of the Greyborn that we are on board the Orion. Learning this, Brant begins to freak out about where we are. 428 confirms that the battalion of 1000s of dreadbat riders are flying circling the ship. Brant begins looking for personal belongings onboard the ship, and Sivaras begins to look for language of her people, who has originally built the Orion. She sees inscription on a console which appears to be where it is operated from. Brant manages to find some grog and non perishable foods, when looking through the recesses. 428 continues his interrogation of the Greyborn, who tells 428 he is clanless but that his markings identify him as a “true” dragon. In his questioning, we learn that he serves the One Drake. Du’Reth asks the Greyborn what he can tell us of the Mascul blade. The Greyborn inforcers use them. He learns that on,y with true guidance can the blade be weilded. 428 asks if 5e clanless follow the purpose they were made for. He is told the clanless follow a New Goal, and will see the Maudaune dream come true. Having no more questions, 428 drives his hand through the wound, and grabs something, squeezing and ending the greyborn’s life.

Brant thinks back to his time trying to sabotage the build of the ships. He recalls a series of ventilation shafts which are built to be too small for Greyborn. He taps open a panel and reveals a way out. Marcel offers to stay behind while we move through the vent. Marcel reveals he has brought a piece of a star. The yellow orb from the bookcase. Sivaras tells Du’Reth to check the doors for nagini, whilst she accompanies Brant through the vent to check for a way out of this chamber. Du’Reth sees writing which says “may she save us”. He recalls a haunting memory. Brant lights a torch and climbs into the vent, followed by Sivaras in spider form, and Journee, as no other party members can fit. The vent leads to a grate on a corridor, parallel to the door to the chamber theft of the party are in. We see some young unarmed Greyborn pass by, then nothing. Sivaras moves through the grate as a spider and finds the door to the chamber can be opened by a mechanism. Brant stays quiet and observes the corridor for any patrols passing by. He waits his time, then carefully unscrews the panel. Journee moves out of the vent and stealthily moves to the door mechanism. Brant stays put in the vent. Journee attempts to open the door, but fails to get it to budge. He calls for aid from Brant, and between them the pair are able to open the chamber. Reunited, 428 moves to the end of the corridor and sees a huge city built within the ship. He sees Greyborn, kobalds and humans in the gathering area, some figures seem to notice 428, so the party dashes to hide. Most back into the chamber while Brant goes back into the vent. A Greyborn with two younger Greyborn follows our sounds with two kobalds and a human. The large Greyborn instructs the other to “find them”. The human is a quivering mess. We hide, poorly. Two younger Greyborn move into the chamber carrying daggers some shimmering magical daggers and tells us to “come out of he shadows”. Sivaras raises a hand and challenges this with “go to sleep”. However, her spell effects 428 after his injuries left him weaker than usual. The Goliath falls asleep, and a Greyborn catches him and holds one of the shimmering blades to his throat. Brant fires a bolt from the vent at the hand of the Greyborn who has a blade to 428. He drops the knife. Sivaras hurls an ice knife at one of the younger Greyborn, which strikes and exploded. However, the enemies manage to dodge her ice, but Granuelle couldn’t get out of the way in time. Being chilled from ice, Granuelle swings her warhammer at the closes young Greyborn. The larger Greyborn bares his axe at the party and says “stop, there doesn’t have to be blood!” Granuelle replies with “there doesn’t have to be blood”, while Marcel runs and wakes up 428. Du’Reth uses his Mage hand from hiding to pick up he dropped magical dagger. 428 stands and picks up the young Greyborn by the neck, and tells the larger foe to stand down if he cares for the young ones. We enter into a partial stand off as the other young Greyborn picks up his weapon and aims it at 428. Seeing this, Brant fires a shot at the child to disarm him but shoots wide. Sivaras tried to disarm him as well. She uses shape water on the blood of the injured Greyborn from when we first arrived in this chamber. The blood isn’t strong enough to disarm, but blood keeps floating. Granuelle smashes her skull into a Greyborn and takes him out in a pool of his blood, which is drawn into the air by Sivaras. The larger Greyborn drops his weapons and ropes scales from his wrist revealing a symbol of an eye. Brant and Du’Reth recognise this as a symbol of a covert group of Greyborn who have allegedly worked with the opposition. Brant recalls this as Aspal’s Cohort. Marcel also recognises his symbol. Du’Reth Mage hands the other dagger, and tells Granuelle we can talk to this group, as Brant makes his way out of the vent, and tells the party to stand down. Eventually, we all settle into a less aggressive stance.

The larger Greyborn introduces himself as Markech, and confirms with Brant about his symbol of Aspals Cohort. He says his group are expecting a message from their home land. We learn that there are a few hundred of the cohort on board out of 30 thousand. They fully enter the chamber and close the door. Markech suggests we move and offers to hide us. We discuss options of what to do now. We consider trying to take over the ship and use the weapons to fire at the shield generator. We think about blowing the ship out of the sky. And we consider trying to take out the weaponry without damaging the ship. Markech states the the ship is more than a ship, but it is home to many innocent children. The emporor keeps the civilians living on the battle ships. We consider taking out the weaponry, by destroying the engines. Marcel is reluctant to use his star shard as this may explode and destroy he whole ship. Brant tries to determine what the party think about the risk to the ship and the thousands of lives on board. Brant convinces the party we shouldn’t blow up th ship, due to the risk to the innocent. Sivaras attempts to figure out the portal control console, whilst we agree to teleporting down to Quel Ce La Mon. Sivaras suggests she could use the invisibility spell from Magnus book, but this would be once only. She suggests Brant sneak to the next barracks invisible and obtain the missing keystones to operate the portal. The party is unsure about this, as it is highly risky. Markech tells us he plans to open a portal by stealing stones when they receive the message they are waiting for. 428 speaks with the human, about where he is from. He is from Majorie, where the party first met. He asks about humans from that town he met, who may have been harmed or captured. He is not reassured by what he learns – most died. We agree the plan is to hide on the ship and try to steal keystones. It is suggested we seal ourselves in the chamber and rest. We ask for Markech to bring water and supplied. Du’Reth asks Markech about the battalion in the next barracks. Markech shares that he can get a sleeping draught into the next rations of that barracks.

We begin heal up and rest. 428 and Brant begin to look through the chamber for any keystones left behind, as well as any weapons. Journee begins to dismantle the firearms we find. Sivaras begins to transcribe another spell from Magnus’ book, and Du’Reth subtly claims a spare hand gun to give to the temple of Vollabuke to study. 428 begins to wonder about the nature of good and evil, and is concerned by some Greyborn being good. He worries he may have killed good Greyborn, and is unsure how he will know who is evil in the future. Brant and Granuelle help 428 to see that all people are neutral but that some people make a choice. Brant convinces him the world isn’t black and white, and that some people doing evil, may perceive they are doing good.

Du’Reth approaches Sivaras whilst she is writing in her spell book. He asks her about the queen, and she tells him that her peoples queen was fleeing this world and is coming home. She shows Du’Reth her amulet with the symbol of dawnika. He has a flashback memory to himself fleeing on his home world, and his gith kinsmen being slain whilst the flag of dawnika is flown overhead. We talk about the nature of good and evil, and choices again, in nagini- a language only the two of them can speak. She tells Du’Reth that the queen is coming home, and Sivaras will join her and support her. She hopes the queen will unite her people and perhaps they will all leave this realm.
Brant speaks with Granuelle about the cost of war. He is unwilling to sacrifice innocent lives. She shares she has been in war and knows there is always a price to be paid. Both parties are firm in their opinions. Neither moving on their opinion. Feeling a sense of leadership, Brant rests easily and levels up to level 6.

And that’s where we left off…