So, this week in the Anduwin Chronicles

In the hide hole we arrived in, Granuelle, Du’Reth, Brant and 428 have made themselves at ease searching for rums and dried foods. 428 eats all the jerky meats immediately. Marcel takes time to Bolt the door and windows and shut out any light, and igniting lanterns and candles. 428 opens the urn containing Journee, releasing him for his urnlike prison. Journee is upset at having been put in the urn. He wants to know why he was captured. 428 tell him that Journee was stabbed by Marcel. Granuelle brings Journee up to speed that we plan to get into the palace and rescue the king from almost certain death. Marcel settles the lighting and rejoins the group. The party discusses we plan to convince Leon to hand over the maps of the tunnel network to capture the king. It will be a rouse. We will tell Leon of a plan to capture but in reality we shall liberate him. We agree to be diplomatic with Leon in the morning. Du’Reth remains quiet, observing the party for his master. Marcel leaves then to rest for the night.

Meanwhile, Sivaras makes her way through the settlement. She is still in disguise. She looks like herself but her skin is no longer blue and her hair is brown, not white. She searches town for rumours of Greyborn in the tunnels, but hears they are staying away for some reason. She hears the Leon was not the original leader of the red fangs. She visits a store trading goods for food or services. After an exchange and a display of magic, she is able to barter for som arcane inks to begin transcribing spells from Magnus’ old spell book. She also gains a mysterious brown liquid, and a severed hand which is believed to have magical properties some. She then makes her way back to the party where she updates the party on what she has learnt.
Back at the temporary base, we discuss a plan to approach Leon. Sivaras casts detect magic on her recent finds while the party plan. She detects a dread and woeful magic emanating from the sword hat Du’Reth has acquired. At that moment, Du’Reth approaches 428 and tell him that he plans to touch the sword. He asks 428 to stop him or push it away if he zones out at all. The blade is touched and Du’Reth is dominated by the sword. 428 smashes his maul into the gith and releaves him of the weapon. We are drawn to the commotion across the room. The blade is put away and 428 reveals he can hear a mumbling in his mind which he thinks is linked to the sword. Marcel shares the sword is dark and full of empty promises. We discuss ways to try to control the swords power or to seal it away. Journee asks about possible benefits, Brant wonders if all Greyborn are armed with them, and Sivaras suggests that the blade be sealed in the urn. We agree this would be safest as the blade is remove from this realm.

Sivaras asks Brant to identify her potion. We learn it is a potion of fire giant strength. Brant then also uses his belt of small animals, and conjures a small snake, who explores the hovell. Sivaras begins to transcribe a spell as most of the party rest. Journee investigates the cabinets where a powerful evocation aura was detected earlier by Journee and Du’Reth. Journee opens the cabinet and takes a small box, stealthy, and undetected by the other party members. He opens this, and finds a small purple glowing sphere of energy, which he recognises as an Anduwin energy. He speaks to Sivaras who warns it is ecplosive and protected, so he agrees to put it back in the cabinet. Journee deliberately puts the box back incorrectly before retiring for the night.

Morning comes, and Journee and Sivaras still sleep. The rest of th party, and Marcel leave th novel and set out to parle with Leon. They arrive at Leon’s stronghold and are searched. When they search 428 they are concerned that he still has Magnus’ chest of belongings. They allow him in, as the chest mainly contains clothes and none dangerous items. They are allowed to pass but are stood to wait, as Leon is in a meeting with a “strange man from Oltreck”. The party bumps into Harper Lee – a solider of fortune who has shot at the group before their adventure in the plane of air, and a jump back in time. He does not recognise them, as as far as he is aware he has not met the party yet. 428 warns him not to shoot at the party when he does meet us. They move on, to the door, and see a tall humanoid with long brown hair. He is stood partially to attention, and it seems one of his arms is “not right” in some way, we learn this is Leon. Marcel introduces the party and suggests that we are here for an agreement or alliance of some sort. Brant Goldust is introduced as the party’s representative. Brant makes an offer for some useful information, but Leon gets directly to business and wants to know what Brant has on offer. Brant asks for maps of the underground tunnel network. Brant introduces 428 as “The Muscle” who can take a hit. He introduces Granuelle as “The Muscle” who can also take a hit. Brant also introduces Du’Reth as “Also the Muscle” who is a martial arts master. He explains Journee is absent and acts as a “Demolitions Expert”. Leon is caution about having an explosives expert in his underground layer. However, Brant is able to convince him this is not a concern. Brant also fails to introduce Sivaras. He then begins to explain to Leon that the party knows where the king is in Quel Ce La Mon, and that Leon could use him as a bargaining chip Greyborn, or as favour amongst his own countrymen. Brant also shares the location of the heavily guarded warehouse which we believe is generating the magical barrier preventing messages for aid from leaving the shores of Bukka Mortaine. Brant requests maps, routes and possibly men to help retrieve the king. Leon is worried we may betray him if we are caught by the Greyborn. Leon also hints that he has struck an uneasy truce or accord with the Greyborn to protect the survivors in his lair. Leon also hints that the Earth Breaker is the current leader of the Greyborn, and that he has been known to use lava to burn the hands and feet of victims leaving them begging for death. However, Leon does agree to aid us, in bringing the king from the city,

The party return to Journee and Sivaras at the hotel and we discover the book of maps that can only used by the bearer – the maps creator. We spend time looking into this, and are unable to attune to it. There is a rumbling and people are seen fleeing past the hovel before a shimmery purple “gate” or portal opens and a small battalion of Greyborn are seen stepping through it.

We agree to charge the portal as a way to the palace. Sivaras casts mirror image on herself and then steps out and hurls a bead of ice at the enemies and watches it expand outwards as a frozen “fireball”. Huge shards of ice spike upward in all directions freezing 5e ground and impaling some foes. She shifts her form into a brown bear, as she prepares for the onslaught. Du’Reth runs out and casts detect thoughts to try and anticipate enemy attacks. 428 puts Brant in his bag and prepares to run. Granuelle hurls a firebolt destroying the greyborns mobil canon, and in the explosion, many Greyborn are killed and grown away from the portal. 428 charges towards the portal at full speed, and nearing the flames, he feels himself go into a rage. Now that Brant is close enough he sings a Hold Person trapping two Greyborn in a paralysis. Du’Reth dashes with a step of the wind and flings two darts at the held enemies. Using a and of fire bolts, Journee casts and takes out another foe. Civilians continue to flee the battle, as a Greyborn wielding two great axes and set on fire walks menacingly towards Du’Reth. The axes clash into a clear blue barrier that forms in front of Du’Reth. The gith then thrusts with his spear and moves to strike the second remaining Greyborn. Marcel manages to sneak attack a a Greyborn and the team moves to surround the final remaining foe who is stood at the entrance to the portal. 428 is stabbed by a magic necrotic dagger, and when the foe pulls away the hilt comes out and leaves the blade lodged in the barbarian, for 51 points of damage. Brant whispers a healing word at his highest level of magic. Journee turns invisible and keeps charging towards the portal. Du’Reth sees the battle status and takes hold of the magical blade which dominates his mind. He swings at the Greyborn and slices the last remaining Greyborn in a twirling beheading, sending th e head flying through the portal. Du’Reth then cures the poison effect on the blade lodges inside 428, and the barbarian flexes and the blade is cast out of his body. We lunge through the portal…

And that’s where we left off…