So this week in the Anduwin Chronicles

Mid battle we resume, with Du’Reth swigging his spear at the Greyborn up in the tower, dealing a critical hit. Granuelle makes her way up the tower to strike as well. Sivaras attempts a chill touch but misses before transforming into a vixen with silver fur and streaks of blue the same colour as her skin, she begins scurrying through the barricade into the theatre. The Greyborn stabs his glass blade forward toward Granuelle, but misses. He tries again, and although the blade appears magestic, the movement is anything but. Granuelle is punctured and pained, but does not feel the impact. She feels a poisonous burning growing in her body, but shakes it off. Brant continues his assault on the window, having previously dented it slightly. He manages to make a hole, and squeezes through dashing and free running towards the stage entrance to the theatre. 428 smashed through he barricades and is followed by Journee into the theatre. Journee finds himself in the cloakroom and begins raiding pockets. Du’Reth disarms the Greyborn of his glass sword, before picking up the sword and attempting to attack the Greyborn. Before he can swing the, a voice offering power, direction and authority fills Du’Reth’s mind. Whilst wrestling with the voice of the blade in his mind, Du’Reth’s body appears to be paralysed. Granuelle strikes with her hammer and manages to harm her opponent. Meanwhile, the foxy Sivaras detects that recently there were humanoids huddled by the stage. The Greyborn rips the blade from Du’Reth and the gith’s mind is freed from mental manipulation. Brant reaches the stage entrance, and notices the lock has been deliberately bolted closed and broken that way. He searches and notices a glass pane of a window three stories above the door. He can look down from the window and sees the fox sniffing around by the stage. Brant manages to cut a circle in the glass to break into the theatre. 428 moves to the shattered glass on the ground, and sees Brant three stories upwards. 428 extends his arms ready to catch the halfling bard. Du’Reth, having snapped fro, the mental battle is now unaware he has previously attempted to disarm, so tries to disarm the blade again. He is unable to take the blade from the Greyborn but does manage to take hold of it. Granuelle seeing this, attempts to bash the enemies’ head in, she hits but is unable to cause enough damage. Back in the theatre, Sivaras senses that the smell of life is specifically in on spot, before noticing a flap to give access to underneath the stage. She reverts to her humanoid form and informs Journee, Brant and 428 of her findings. Brant leaps from the window and is court by 428, and makes a perfect acrobats landing. Heeding Sivaras’s words, he searches for a mechanism to access stage. 428 goes through the stage door to try to rescue Granuelle, but cannot reach her just yet. Journee makes his way to the grouping by the stage having found a ticket stub to a sexy show in the cloakroom. Back upstairs, Du’Reth continues to battle for the sword against the Greyborn. Granuelle manages to land a series of hits against the beast and seemingly causes some damage. In response the Greyborn twists the blade and lunches it into Du’Reth like a hot knife through butter, dealing necrotic damage and leaving Du’Reth the sensation that he has been burnt rather than stabbed. 428 continues to run, and makes in most of the way up the tower.

Inside the theatre, Sivaras tells her snake familiar to find what is underneath the stage. The snake slivers and sees a clawing route with a crudely covered hatch. Journee unleashes his primal savagery again onto the latch and sees the same as the snake familiar. Brant jumps down into th crawl space and reveals the hatch at the other end, as a sewer exit or escape.
Beginning to tire of the fight over the sword, Du’Reth tries to faint a movement, to get the Greyborn to stab him self. In the confusion, Granuelle manages to land a critical attack, screaming “Crank it Bitch!”. The hit bludgeons the foe and lightning sparks before the Greyborn’s neck loudly snaps. Du’Reth manages to pick up the glass blade with his Mage hand.
As the foe falls, Granuelle snaps his gun, and begins looking around the tower. The party reunites and realises that Julio wouldn’t fit in the crawl space. Using her trap urn, Sivaras pulls the horse into the urn for travel, before presenting the urn the Granuelle. Journee summons his familiar, magda and sends her along with Sivaras’s’ familiar into the sewer. It is dark but Du’Reth remembers with the help of Brant that they are heading into the city centre, and that there will be a hub around a mile ahead. We head forward with the familiars leading the way. Granuelle follows but before long a shadowed hooded figure drops from nowhere, and sinks two daggers into magda. She is killed and erupts in flame, killing the snake before the hooded figure also vanishes from sight. Du’Reth recalls an organisation called the Red Fang who operate in the shadows of the city. In a fit of emotion, Journee fires his flaming Eldritch Blast wildly down the sewer. Sivaras drops her dancing lights, and plunges the sewer into darkness. The party waits for an ambush and waits. They start to argue about what to do, and Sivaras slips away into the water. Journee notices bubbles and ripples up ahead. Whilst he is investigating the bubbles, a hooded figure drops again and sinks two daggers into Journee, who falls unconscious. 428 drops into the water and swims towards the unconscious journee, as Granuelle hurls a firebolt. 428 casts spare the dying on Journee, to save his life. Granuelle sees the hooded figure scale the ceiling and cling to the stone work, so she casts firebolt again and knocks him from his purchase. 428 grapples him as he tries to climb out of the water. We see a ginger elf with darting mischievious eyes. Du’Reth provides proof he is from the temple of Vollabuke, but the elf assailant tells us his job is to protect the tunnel as a member of the Red Fangs. When Brant catches up, he recognises his individual as Marcel Charlouex, who formerly worked as part of the princes elite guard. Seeing Brant, Marcel declares he feels the party can be trusted. Brant and Marcel begin to discuss the state of the city and the Red fangs. Sivaras shapes he water around Marcel from her hiding place and freezes him bit by bit- one leg, then the oher, then to his waist. Du’Reth encourages Sivaras not to kill Marcel, using her native nagini tongue. Marcel agrees to take us to the hub, to find the palace. We are each told to have a good story about kills to prove we have “joined the red fangs”. He leads us to the camp, and on the ways, Sivaras places Journee’s body into another magical urn.

Deeper into the sewer we find ourselves at an archway with a set of decenting wooden spiral staircase. Sivaras shifts into the form of a spider and hides on Brant back. He is asked if he has killed anyone, and what th most fucked up think he’s done is. He shares a story of how his horse was killed, and that the murder tried to sleep inside the horses remains. Brant regales that he found the sleeping man, and, taking needle and thread, Brant stitched the man inside, with a pair of scissors just out of reach. Granuelle takes up the rear of the group and is asked the same question. She tells of her time in the war, cracking skulls of Greyborn and deserters, and how she still hears their screams now. He accepts 428 as tough based solely on his intimidating appearance, and looks upon Du’Reth inquisitively. Du’Reth shares he woke up in the sunken shored and managed to drown some aquatic Yuan Ti. Seeing the blade Du’Reth has, he declares it is a Maskal Blade, and a friend (Leon) with one previously, killed his own baby because of one of those blades. Du’Reth asks for a scabbard and promises not to touch it, and lets it hover in his Mage hand again. We manage to convince the door guard of our battle prowess and the metal door clinks and swings open slightly. There is an expanse of people building and mining to try and make this hide larger. There are barizers and smoke stacks leading high up, as we walk into this underground village. We are told once we are in, we are in, and people are willing to trade either money or services. Marcel leaves us and we begin our search for healing.

We arrive at a tent, surrounded by blood soaked earth. Granuelle requests to be first for healing. Inside is a girl with powerful healing abilities. She applies a grey power and the pain from the glass blade completely vanishes. 428 is next, and shows off a range of bullet wounds. She uses a range of magical and natural healing, similar to a previous fallen party member – Orryon Ma’Talli. Du’Reth requests for help on a minor facial wound, and is also healed. A wounded soldier is brought in, and shouts out for help and calls for Ma’Talli. The party recognise this and feel this is Orryon’s twin sister, Orryanna. 428 approaches this girl, and tells her he knows Orryon, and that Orryon, her brother, has gone. He does not understand how Orryon died, but explains he is gone, and she reacts poorly to the news and explains Orryon had sent her a letter with strange runes she couldn’t decipher. All the while, Du’Reth reads the minds of 428, Orryanna and a feverish individual to gather information about the party, Orryon, and the location of the palace. Du’Reth learns that the palaces location is held in a book, kept by Leon. 428 hands over Orryon’s diary to his sister, and she begins to cry and leaves. 428 discusses with the party how they react when upset or when they loose someone. After this, the party meets up with Brant. He spots a spider on his shoulder, and flicks it off, causing Sivaras to revert to her true form. The rooms enhabitants turn their swords on Brant and Sivaras. Brant convinces the crowd we are here to take the ritual trial for joining. Swords lowered we are told to be careful, and Brant leads us to Leon and Marcel to ask about intel about the palace.
Some of the party are able to convince a following crowd that we are truly spies and gangsters, others intimidate and give off an air of power, while some are less convincing or intimidating. But eventually, the crowd thins and we see find a tavern of mud where we are told we can find Marcel. Brant and Granuelle go inside, with 428, Du’Reth and Sivaras waiting outside. Brant makes his way up to Marcel, and after a while Marcel shows Brant a pendant with the crest of Bukka Mortaine and states he will always be loyal to the king. Brant has not yet come up with a plan, but Marcel suggests we convince Leon to kidnap the king, to hold him ransom. However, Marcel intends to doubt cross Leon and really means to save the king, by smuggling him out within one of the transportation urns we have. Granuelle shared with Marcel we also need to destroy whatever device is blocking sending and message spells. Marcel reveals this may be in a highly guarded cache near the Bukka school of magics and that the is not too far from the lower palace. Brant asks about an old friend, Hugh Hapsburg. The last we saw him, he had one of the Anduwin artefacts- the lantern. Marcel tells Brant that Hugh has stolen something from his allies and ran. We assume this is he lantern.

After a while, six men in three files of two enter the tavern, and a smaller seventh figure enters and attempts to threaten Marcel. Du’Reth and 428 move in to stand behind the smaller figure, and loom over him. Th smaller figure orders his men to kill the party, and Marcel attempts to de-escalate the situation. 428 picks up the small man, and Du’Reth draws his glass blade. The six guards aim spears and swords at the party members. Du’Reth manages to talk the situation down through intimidation and persuasion skills. The smaller figure leaves but we learn his name was Squir’ril. Marcel leads the party away to a building round the corner with a wooden door. Brant stops Sivaras outside the building, and asks what she is up to, as she has been very quiet and seemingly causing trouble since entering the Sewers. She convinces him, she can blend in and gather information without being associated with true party, before casting disguise self, assuming the form of an elven woman in a cloak and walking away.

That’s where we left off….