Magnus and Granuaile go willingly with the Templars, hands bound and led from Ron’s room to a holding cell. In the distance as they are led away they hear Ron say he expected better of them. With two of the party in custardy, troops are dispatched throughout the city to search for the others. Granuaile and Magnus as brought down a long corridor and through a series of magikal staircases, before being faced with a jailhouse. In this building, the jail annex of the Templar bastion, they are taken through another magikal barrier, their items taken. They are left without weapons or magikal components and are thrown into their already occupied cell. Granauile is permitted to keep her ring or her position, and her spoon from the Sultan, while Magnus is not permitted anything. However, he wipes some bat guano from his spell pouch onto his tunic. On a bench sits a tall pointy eared man, who is dark skinned and wearing a burlap sack covering his modesty, but no other obvious clothes. Chained to a call, with both hands bound in cuffs, one to her left and one to her right is a blue skinned woman, facing into the room. They reveal to Magnus and Granuaile that they have been in this prison for some time, and for them, hope is drained. Magnus attempts to make friends, introducing himself and his lady to their new cellmates. The pointy eared individual introduces himself as Carkwright, and claims to be wrongfully arrested. He is manic in his speech and tells Magnus he has been detailed due to clerical errors. He claims to be a simple pesant and farmer, repeatedly commenting that he is just a normal human, though he is clearly something other.When Carkwright has finished his prattling, the blue skinned woman lets herself out of her chains. Her form shrinking down and folding into a new shape. Blue skin covering with fur, until she has fully turned into a rat in just a few seconds. She easily manouvers out of her chains that bind, and then reverts to her blue form, unbound. She suggests that her transformation is a natural gift, and so is not blocked or prevented by the other arcane anti-magik runes effecting the cell. She approaches Carkwright, who defers to the woman,a nd scoots off the bench, allowing her to sit, where she tells Magnus and Granauile that her name is Sivaras Marvolaas and that it is likely impossible to fight their way out of this room. She comments she she canont get out alone either, but is willing to make friends, or at the least allies, if their goals aline.

428 follows the Templar knights back to their stronghold, with his blue cloak on, and his hood up. He watches them go into the bastion but is unsure what to do next. The giantkin is unable to climb the outter walls so chooses to scout around the building until he comes across a side entrance with only a single guard. He remains hidden, and so easily chokes this guard out, laying the unconscious and involuntarily sleeping guard to the ground. He considers the Templar armour of the person as a means to disguise himself, but with his size and the bony protrusions it simply won’t fit him. 428 makes his way inside the building, and notices a regular guard patrol. He fumbles jumping up the wall to avoid the patrol and so a fight breaks out. Two Templars wield flaming swords, and swing these at the giantkin. But their strength is nothing compared to a man descended from giants, as he easily grapples one knight, twisting their neck, and taking him out of the fight, and possible out of life. 428 does not have any reservations about killing these men, as they serve the Anduwin, and he has made his position on the gods very clear. He bursts through another door and the fighting continues. The warrior rages at the thrill of combat, and swings over one of his Templar enemies, grasping his hands onto the chandelier to help him swing his giantkin body further distance. Another Tempalr falls, and nother, before the captain of this group unleashes a barrage of divine light into 428. The radiance too much for even his hardy skin to bear as the giantkin is knocked down. Barely alive, but conscious enough, the captain flips a whip, made of light and lightning around 428’s neck, before the giantkin is dragged unceremoniously from where he made his stand, to the cell holding his allies.

As the giantkin joins Magnus and Granuaile in the cell, Sivaras allows a snake to return from a pocket dimention, this works also as it is not casting a spell over the anti-magik glyph, but is simply using a spell that was cast some time ago. The snake that she refers to as Tonilli is a tiny rose boa that she sends out of the cell, with the goal being to continue its search for her ring, kept somewhere within the Templar fortress. 428 explains to his allies that he followed Tempalr’s here as they sacked the hotel room, and took other things.

Across the city, Brant Goldust leaves the Grand Library, and makes a journey towards Bartholomew’s Musical Emporium. On his way there, he notices heightened tension within the city and sees soliders moving around in higher numbers, as well as a Templar working with each of the city guard troops. Each of the guard units moves swiftly, looking for something or someone, performing a city wide search, though the bard does not consider it to be a problem for him at this time. He arrives at his destination and manages to find a rare instrument. A pristeen condition original Von Spllington masterpeice.

Journ’ee is still helping clear up the rubble and burnt timber near his brother’s home when he is approached by a group of soilders. They question him, with an artistic sketch of Journ’ee done before his hair magikally fell out this allows Journ’ee to claim to be someone else; not the dwarf they seek. The soliders leave and he casts a spell of invisibilty over himself, and flees into a building there he hides invisible, hoping not to be found. The building itsel fit struck by a volley of magikal attacks, but when Journ’ee does not seem to move, the soliders assume he has moved on, and so the separate the unit, giving chase in all directions.

Tonillil the tiny boa has reached a higher floor. Sivaras periodically looks through the snake’s eyes in much the same way Magnus does with Sisero. In the cell, a Templar calls her over to the bars, and tells her she should accept the charges brought against her for bringin a stange relic into Anduwin lands. Magnus approaches this Templar and says he will take the fall for the party’s crimes and 428 is beginning to remember more about his own past and about how he came to be here. Suddenly room starts to shift as something tries to penetrate the room’s many anti magikal barriers. A crackle of light, and sound, as reality bends. The bars twist, and the Templar stays static. Karmel appears in the cell, and tells the aprty he was sent by the Seer to help them. He claims that he was brought to the cell by powerful magik, and that the party should seek out their posessions and a bouncing box somewhere in the stronghold. The cells empties of 428, Magnus, Granuaile and Sivaras, and they notice that Carkwright and the Templar appear frozen in palce, as though time around them has frozen, or time around the party does not work in the same way. Granuaile arms herself with a long sword from the nearest frozen Templar. She leads the way, using her magikal bound with her warhammer as a guide to direct the strange group through the Templar Bastion. She leads the group to the strange long corridor where Magnus and Granuaile has originally been arrested and the four individuals and Karmel begin to search the rooms along the corridor, noticing that the Templars are no longer as frozen. Thought time is still significantly slower, they are starting to move once more. After some searching their confiscated items and equipement is found, as well as finding the bouncing box that Karmel spoke of. The solider activates the box and the room begins to spin. The five are spun in the opposite direction, and are bounced out of the Templar fortress in a spin, appearing in the sky somewhere. In the sky and falling. Granuaile draws the Anduwin stone’s power for a second time today, calling forth aeromantic power, and using strong winds to slow her descent. Magnus casts his faithful spell of levitate over himself, and pulls water from the river below to make a bridge to the riverbank. Sivaras transforms her box into that of a vixen and holds ontop Granuaile’s wind riding form, as 428 scream into the river, ragign, and smashing directly into the water. He does not come up for air. His gills feeling full water emersion for the first time. Eventually, the giantkin surfaces, and joins the others on the shore, where they notice Karmel is not present, and realise the price of using the box. Whilst they dry and catch their breath, the adventurers don their armour, and gather their own equipment from the pill that was grabbed. Sivaras leans into the river, now realisign they are just south of Quince, and speaks to a small family of river snakes. She sends them into the city, to inform the Order of Dawnika that she is free, and outside the city, while the rest of the party begin to discuss their next steps. Magnus folds two sheets of parchment into paper boats, and lets thm float down the river as he casts a magikal message to Brant and Journ’ee, telling them both about the Templar hunt and to get out of the city as fast and safely as possible.

The fiery dwarf sneaks his way through town until he bumps into Brant at a drug store. Journ’ee disguises himself as a smelly hunchback. Brant buys some camping gear and then the halfling and dwarf sneak back to the hotel for the Julio. Hotel Vanquiz Imperial is swarming with Templars, knowing that the party had been staying there, however a back alley is less patrolled and it is here that Journ’ee enters the hotel kitchens. Journ’ee passes a few gold coins to some kitchen staff, asking to see Manuel, and the bride works, with the concierge appearing a moment later. Manuel warns Journ’ee that he needs to leave and to meet at south west gate. Manuel arranged for Julio to be brought around to the kitchen, and sends a bellhop to bring the stallion. Journ’ee remains disguised, and Brant turns himself invisible, and they both mount Julio when the Bellhop brings the steed. They ride off towards the sout west gate as directed. As they leave the Vanquiz Imperial, Templars begin to give chase, having been tipped off by the Bellhop. En route to the gate, Brant abandons the horse, knowing he can free run faster. He reaches the gate, and throws his voice, rallying an impromptu militia against the Templars. The Anduwin knights are preventing people from entering or leaving the city, and so Brant, hidden by his smaller size, manages to stir up a riot of farmers and merchants wishing to enter or leave Quince. Journ’ee on Julio arrive at the gate, but the Templar’s are distracted by trying to keep the peace, allowing both the dwarf and horse to cross the gate, at the same time as Brant does. Brant manages to take hold of Julio, and the dwarf kicks his heels. Julio charges forward away from Quince.

High above, a creature screeches drawing attention fro the rioting villages, and the Templar’s alike. As Journ’ee and Brant look upwards they see a winged beast. Lionlike in shape, but with eagle features, front talons and a beak, as well as a lion’s body and tail. Its eagle wings beat the air to keep it aloft. On the ceature’s back sits a gleaming figure. The white and golden armour of a Templar commander, a long golden blade casting light all around it and a billowing cloak that would surely trail the ground if the knight were walking. Journ’ee spurs Julio on faster, and steers the horse towards the woods. Brant warns about riding too far into the forest as trolls are known to live in this area and the horse won’t be able to ride as quickly when roots and trees obscure the path.

By the forest south to Quince, not too far from the river, Magnus and Granuaile have made camp with their new ally whilst 428 takes advantage of his gills by swimming, hoping to catch fish for their supper. Sivaras also spends time in the river, swimming. Whilst she treads water, her serpentine associates return with another woman. This one has a more greenish colouration to her skin, and she rises out of the water, held aloft by a wave that continuously rises and folds in on itself. The woman introduces herself to Sivaras in a hissing hidden language, calling herself Sheeva, and telling her to wait until the nextx blood moon, as that is when their Queen will return. Sheeva tells Sivaras she is now a part of the Order of Dawnika, and that she should gather allies to help her to make arrangements on the surface for the Queen’s arrival. Sivaras and 428 return to shore as Sheeva and the throng of snakes she arrived with swim away. The party wait for a few hours, and Sivaras sends out another group of snakes she finds in the forest to locate Brant and Journ’ee and guide them to the rest of the party. A little after dark, the pair arrives with Julio, and settles into the camp.